Vertigo and Tinnitus

The torture group has organized their torture technologies into a complex arrangement of replicas of real sensory experience done using the torture technologies. They group together the torture technologies into attacks which can cause symptoms similar to illnesses and other physical conditions or seek to mimic them. They don’t compare. They are poor imitations. Yet […]

An Overabundance of Conspiracies

You will hear from victims a great big variety of claims about the torture. They blame a plethora of possible suspects. Well they claim to have absolute irrefutable proof of who is doing the torture, what the torture consists of and why the torture is done. None of this is provable. Only the barest facts […]

Intertwining Stimulation

Though victims don’t get identical torture attacks together at the same time their is a quirk of the torture computer which causes them to receive connected torture attacks. This isn’t exclusively victim to victim. It happens with anyone around the victim anytime the computer runs this program. The automated computer system while running torture attacks […]

One by One

Because the torture technologies are only activated on one person’s senses at a time the torture group decided to go with this and constructed the torture to be an individual event. They had no choice. Barring that, they do attack a large group of people. But these victims are spread far apart. Groups of victims […]

The Torture Computer

The torture group uses a computer to run the torture. The have about six technologies running together at any one time. They can’t manage this without a computer to organize it for them. While this may seem common and obvious it wasn’t at the time the torture group began doing the torture. They had an […]

They’re Reading My Mind!

Victims since the beginning of the torture have reported an impossible phenomenon occurring in the torture. They claim the torture group can read their thoughts. They claim this because what the torture group does is cleverly disguised and then suggested to be what it is not. The torture group loves to play games. The torture […]

The Thought Voice

A thought voice is an audio torture attack of a computerized voice which narrates to the victims in the form of thought statements a manipulative narrative intended to assume the forefront of the victim’s concentration and therefore engage as the victim’s concept of their own thoughts. It’s intended to usurp the victim’s own thoughts and […]

My Torture, the Basics

I am fully physically controlled by the fourth torture technology at all times. That’s not the only torture I receive. Though it would be all that you’d imagine be required. As they control me they believe I lack the ability to connect to the outside world. So I first get a voice who tells me […]

Silent Victims

For twenty-one years I was banned from discussing my torture with others. It was because A) the torture group controlled my body B) the torture I was receiving didn’t call for it. I was a rarely heard from type of victim. The victims without a voice; a silent victim. I can’t say why I became […]

Secondary Technologies

The four main torture technologies are the only unique and rare technologies the torture group possess. They do use other everyday or common technologies to do the torture. These include: Video recording The torture group likely uses satellite imaging to monitor the victims. This is how they track victims. They have a visual marker active […]

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