Acts of Torture

There is a debate among victims on what constitutes as an act of the torture. Like any other victim I can only judge by my experience. I’ve experienced not one type of torture but three separate types. It’s only in recent years that the torture group wanted me to appear as a schizophrenic to others. […]

Torture symptoms of the Victim

The symptoms of the torture are not identical to schizophrenia. They are more similar to trauma symptoms. This is torture. Victims are exhibiting the symptoms of past and ongoing torture. The symptoms of being tortured include: 1. Inability to focus Torture attacks such as pain, loud noises and bright lights can impair cognitive function. 2. […]

Rape and the Torture

Victims frequently bring up the subject of rape or other sexual assault when speaking of the torture. What they are speaking about is the sensation technology. You can feel it. Not only on you but in you. And it’s actually termed sexual torture. It’s been creatively constructed through computer programs to be arranged into shapes […]

Victim Selection and Me

I know much more about my situation than I do of the full story about the torture. I see from victim’s reports what they say about the torture and themselves. My research has shown that childhood victims of this torture are less common. Victims less often report being physically controlled and when they do they […]

My Early Torture was Pleasant Surprisingly

My childhood while being tortured is surprisingly pleasant considering. I was born into a great family with lots of love. My torture symptoms early on were minimal. I would get extra mean if I didn’t get fed on time. I would shirk my classwork if the torture computer controlling my body was having trouble understanding […]

The Company

When the torturers were done with playing the Dylans they started playing David and company. They quite literally transferred the characters used in the Jakob Dylan stories into mostly new and different stories, changed their names and key identity traits and started over with the exact same torture attacks. Enter David Scene One. David and […]

Psychiatric Care for the Torturers and Me

I’m heavily bemused at going through psychiatric treatment as a torture victim. Because the torture group controls my body and therefore everything I do and say. They are the ones going through the treatment. They are creating a personality for me to present to the doctor. But they are not seeking to cure me. They’re […]

Temporal Lobe Seizures, An Oddity

My torture dramatically shifted gears in 1996 only six years in. This was to be the first increase in the negative amount of torture I received. I was forced to behave in ways detrimental to me. I was forced out of public school and into homeschooling and therapy schools, I lost contact with all my […]

Medication, Meditation

Being hospitalized against my will is nothing new to me. This time I went in twice during my first year of schizophrenia. I’d been hospitalized around age ten for a wellness check when I was a defiant and stubborn child refusing to take necessary medication for temporal lobe seizures. I was also a torture victim […]

I hear, I seek. I did not Find

I tried for the four months of my torture using the Jakob Dylan character to find the way to make contact with him or anyone who could reach him and make him stop. I wanted the talking to stop. I wanted him to just go away. I needed my life to go back to normal. […]

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