Employees Of The Torture Group

Reported Biography From 2011 The first employees of the torture group were the men hired by an old rich man to run the technology for him. They included a marine, an army man and a navy man. They were all inexperienced with the technology and had no background in the field. They were lazy and […]

Economics Of The Torture Group

How They Make A Profit The torture group makes no profit from their torture. They may operate the torture as a side business and rely on other sources to make a profit. They May Be ۰An anonymous organization They may operate entirely in secret. They may have secret funding or side operations. They may operate […]

Does The Sensation Technology Enhance The Victim’s Sense Of Their Body?

The question Does the victim have a heightened awareness of their body when the torture group uses the sensation technology on them? My Evidence When I feel them do a sensation on an area of my body I get a stronger sense of that area. It is more than the area in the location they […]

Me And Del Were Singin’

I’ve shared most of the fantasy music videos the torture group used to show me. What I have left is a short list. Fantasy music videos which are harder for me to describe because I can’t remember every action that took place in them. Instead of the detailed descriptions like before here these are with […]

Do Victims Remember Sensations From The Past?

The Question Can a victim from torture which made them not understand what the torture was recognize the torture sensations that were used in their torture when they are done on them during openly revealed torture by the torture group? This question applies only to victim who now know about the torture but previously did […]

Creating Disease And Disorder Symptoms

The torture group cannot create true diseases and disorders only the symptoms of them. They can cause the victim to suffer from the falsified symptom in such a way that they will believe they have a disease or be medically diagnosed with a disease or a disorder. The torture group is limited to the muscular […]

Creating A Ghost

Who They Are Ghosts are victims of the torture group who are given information about the torture group and its operation so that they can be used against the torture group and help bring them down. The strongest ghosts are victims who are aware of the torture group’s presence. They are the ones who can […]

Computer Programming And The Torture Group

What It Is Computer programming is used in pre-designed torture attack programs for use in computer operations which control the distribution of all torture. It is a mainstay in the operations of the torture group. How It Is Used The operation of the technology the torture group uses relies entirely on computer programming to function. […]

Child Development And The Torture Group

Child Victims Of The Torture Group These are torture victims between newborn and 18 years of age. They can become a victim at any age and are normally kept on into adulthood. The torture group may make children victims in order to educate a victim through their technology. They may be curious as the how […]

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