Little Piggy Says “Oink!”

During the first week of my schizophrenia torture following June 20th, 2011 I was meeting more and more of the characters involved in my supposed psychic connection to Jakob Dylan. One day in strolled a casual cat named Samuel. Jakob Dylan has an older brother by that name. This Samuel looked a lot like Jakob. […]

Addiction And The Torture Group

The torture group uses their technology to replicate schizophrenia in their victims by carefully culturing the torture symptoms they display. They do other work. One disease the torture group can easily cause is that of addiction. The percentage of addicts among torture victim is unknown but assumed to be higher then among the general population. […]

A List Of My Personal Audio, Sensation And Visuals Torture Attacks

Head ۰A round shape of pressure like the brim of a hat around my head Hair ۰A full head feeling of heat when my hair got dirty ۰Irritation when my hair touches my skin ۰Irritation when single strands of hair are on my face Ears ۰The pain I felt during my earaches that I had […]

A Guide For After The Torture Group Falls

When the torture group goes away or is caught there may be a number of problems victims will suffer from, those may include: forgetfulness, insomnia, hyperactivity, inability to make decision, hyper-spontaneity, unexpected tiredness and other confusing symptoms. These result from the controlling sensations and verbal commands that the torture group has kept victims on for […]

A Fantasy World

WHAT THE TORTURE IS TO SOME IS CREATED BY SOME OTHER The torture is a creation of man. It is technologically created as a sensory experience for those forced to experience it. It comes from the minds of the torture operators. It’s structured by the torture group higher ups. The entire process is ruled and […]

A Conundrum

The torture group’s long-term plan What it is The torture group does torture on victims with the intentions to harm and abuse them. They create long-term plans for cases and most victims are tortured by the company for years. Though they are inherently abusing people they have instilled into cases torture that benefit the victims. […]

A Brief History Of Torture

MINIMALISM AND RESTRICTION IN THE TORTURE It’s been eight years now and I’ve stopped learning anything new about the torture group. Not since the months of September-December of 2011. In fact from what were once detailed claims by them are now vague and stark. The torture group does not give out unnecessary information. Which means […]

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