The Technology, its Past

Where did this technology come from? How is it that the torture group possess not just one technology which operates on the individual without others detecting it and invented completely in secret with none the wiser of its existence but four separate sensory technologies? The information we know about the torture, the torture technologies and […]

The technology, Its Future

No one can prove who else might also have one or any of these technologies used in the torture. Though the technologies exist as a weapon they are not intrinsically weapons. They are used that way. There are other uses for the torture technologies. This collection can be used by the military as  atool but […]

I am Invincible

Imagine what the people doing the torture must be like. Imagine them all together in a group. What kind of group are they to you? They are committing a crime. They operate this criminal activity internationally. They can be any one of several options according to their actions and behavior in the torture.  Presumably they […]

The Matrix Exaggeration

The torture group references pop culture including movies all the time. The Matrix is not the only movie victims identify with. The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are two others. I mention the matrix because it speaks about a cold controlled world were only the few have freedom and are working […]

Manchurian Candidate. Not at all

If you don’t know the story of the movie Manchurian Candidate it’s this:  A soldier returns from war brainwashed by the enemy and gains political power becoming a threat to the nation.  Victims sometimes reference themselves as sleepers or Manchurian Candidates because of their claims of brainwashing. They believe they hold information subconsciously implanted in […]


In this episode it’s inferred that the man has been raping the Girl. Its unacknowledged in the video which comes after the abuse. This music video is set to Chris Isaak’s “Baby did a bad bad thing”. The music starts and we makes our way up a staircase. We see drops of blood. We reach […]

Self Destruction

This music video is set to Bats for Lashes “what’s a girl to do”. We see a horse standing in a field. Heading left we see the edge of a forest and enter. We come across a redheaded woman in chain mail standing holding a sword with the tip touching the ground and her hands […]

Suzanne Vaguely

This is one of the music videos I was shown in my visions. This story involves the Girl a character representing me. This episode is set to to Suzanne Vega’s  song “Blood makes noise”. The drums start and we see a shot of a young girl’s legs dangling over the edge of a table in […]

Me Beauties, An Introduction

My anxiety was slowly, slowly winding down in the years leading up to the onset of my schizophrenia torture phase. For two years before from 2009 to 2011 I experienced a torture attack which I at the time mistook for something else entirely. Because I was lied to. The torture operators working on my case […]

Mood music

I’ve experienced an odd attack. It involves the automated torture computer system running torture to the music I’m listening to. I’m listening to a song on my music player with my headphones in. When I do this the computer tunes in to my music more closely than it is listening to the sounds of me […]

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