They Don’t Do That

The torture has been well documented by victims especially in places like online. Victims attribute some bizarre things to the torture group which they believe erroneously due to the negative psychological affects of their torture. They are first misinformed by the torture group then by victims and non-victims alike sharing their beliefs on the torture. […]

Technology and its Mistaken Affects

There’s lots of talk from victims about things the torture technologies cause then to experience. There isn’t enough evidence showing the torture technologies have ill health affects aside from those of torture and its related symptoms. There are a few claims from victims to dispute. The torture technologies do not leave marks, wound or other […]

I see people now

The beginning on my anxiety torture phase was slow. It stretched out over a year from 1995 to 1996 the official changeover to the new torture. It started with one event. I was biking alone and had stopped at the corner a block from my street. I was stopped for traffic when suddenly like a […]

Isolating the Victim

The torture technologies are individual use only. Meaning one transmission to one individual at a time. The eyes, ears, muscles and nerves of the victim must be directly and continuously hit with the beam to achieve activation of the technologies. This is the greatest flaw of these technologies. Aside from being used by evil men […]

Distorting Reality

The torture is done in a way which attempts to alter the victim’s sense of reality. The extra sensory stimulation. The torture attacks done during daily life during which the victim is forced to strive to maintain their connection to their real environment. It’s all about not just adding in but overtaking the victim’s perception […]

Profiling the Torture Group

It’s easy to create the vague profile known about the torture group from victim reports. They operate like or as a business. Their organization shows that the people doing the torture are able to fulfill their roles without needing to bother with outside demands. Which says they have supporting staff behind them. They have access […]

Showing Off

The torture group approves and encourages torture symptoms to occur in front of non-victims. They just get very selective about which symptoms they let be shown. For me the torture group never lets anyone see when they contort my toes over one another. Or when they undulate my abdomen. But other symptoms like memory loss […]

A Weakening

There’s many ways the torture group successfully discombobulates victims as sport. One popular torture attack is to convince the victim of a lie which then gets repeated to others. The torture group plays a wicked game of telephone. Psychological Manipulation Victims often call it brainwashing. It’s more suited to its technical name of psychological manipulation. […]

Torture Attacks

It’s impossible to list all the attacks I’ve received in twenty-eight years off the top of my head. I haven’t even written them all down for the past two years. I’ll be going through the torture attacks as I think of them. Every time I list an experience in my life I’m also listing a […]

We’re in This Together

If you are not a victim you can still understand what we victims are going through. If you believe the torture is real but have never experienced it, if you believe the torture is a schizophrenic delusion and there is no conspiracy then that’s fine. Because the torture occurring would be unforgivable. Everyone I know […]

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