Keeping A Victim On Edge

What It Is This is when the torture group uses their technology to create an environment that swings violently up and down in varying levels of negative intensity. What They Do Audio ۰Uncomfortable sounds high and low in pitch or in combination with pain sensations. They use disruptive and disturbing sounds like obnoxious talking, muttering […]

Is The Technology Safe For People?

It is a real question as to whether the technology the torture group is using is safe for the people they use it on. There is no evidence as to whether the torture group has ever done any tests to prove the technology is safe. They are using their victims as guinea pig. This means […]

The Danse Macabre

From the movie “The Cell” and the book “House Of Leaves’ the torture group created a dark fantasy story they told me with visuals lifted directly from the book and the movie. This story was about one version of me. A fantasy retelling of me in another life. I was a before my torture version […]

August 17th, 2019

Despite the sleep disturbance torture leading up to the flight to Hawaii I woke up early the day of and was the first one ready to go. However on the car ride there I was hearing voices including my thought voice say how I didn’t want to go to Hawaii. Because of no reason I […]

Informing The Victim About The Torture Group Cases

What It Is This is where the torture group shares information about themselves with victims during an ongoing torture case where the victim was previously uninformed of the torture in a truthful manner. Where It Is Done It is done in an unknown amount of torture cases on victims where the presence of the company […]

How To Destroy Credibility

2012 I assume that people who state the common theories of what this torture is, why it is done, who is doing etc. are all being physically controlled. There is no way that brainwashing in any form can produce these patterns of behavior.  When controlling a body there are rigid limitations on what you can […]

How The Torture Group Causes Behavior In Victims

What This Is The torture group has the ability to control victims completely because victim believe that they’re thinking what the torture group tells them to through the torture. How They Do It A manipulative and yet cohesive environment of audio, sensation and visuals is created. The victim hears thought voice narration which describes the […]

Heroes Of The Torture Group

Who They Are These are the people in the torture group that fight the torture group in subversive ways for the benefits of victims of the torture. Hopefully there exists at the torture group people who disagree with the torture group’s actions. They strategically act in ways that are positive for the people being tortured. […]

Fantasy And The Torture Group

What It Is This is when the torture group introduces fantasy stories into the victim’s torture. The fantasy might have a full story arc and include both audio and visuals and sometimes sensation. A fantasy story in the torture is different from lies, impersonations of real people and misinformation in that the stories are told […]


I must have spent a long time on the negative side of my anxiety torture. Because the first time I went to Hawaii as an adult in 2007 or thereabouts I was hit with a startling peacefulness. The sensations they flooded me with calm and soothing and quiet and relaxation. I got a full week […]

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