Keeping A Victim On Edge

What It Is This is when the torture group uses their technology to create an environment that swings violently up and down in varying levels of negative intensity. What They Do Audio ۰Uncomfortable sounds high and low in pitch or in combination with pain sensations. They use disruptive and disturbing sounds like obnoxious talking, muttering […]

Is The Technology Safe For People?

It is a real question as to whether the technology the torture group is using is safe for the people they use it on. There is no evidence as to whether the torture group has ever done any tests to prove the technology is safe. They are using their victims as guinea pig. This means […]

Informing The Victim About The Torture Group Cases

What It Is This is where the torture group shares information about themselves with victims during an ongoing torture case where the victim was previously uninformed of the torture in a truthful manner. Where It Is Done It is done in an unknown amount of torture cases on victims where the presence of the company […]

How To Destroy Credibility

2012 I assume that people who state the common theories of what this torture is, why it is done, who is doing etc. are all being physically controlled. There is no way that brainwashing in any form can produce these patterns of behavior.  When controlling a body there are rigid limitations on what you can […]

Creating A Ghost

Who They Are Ghosts are victims of the torture group who are given information about the torture group and its operation so that they can be used against the torture group and help bring them down. The strongest ghosts are victims who are aware of the torture group’s presence. They are the ones who can […]

Child Development And The Torture Group

Child Victims Of The Torture Group These are torture victims between newborn and 18 years of age. They can become a victim at any age and are normally kept on into adulthood. The torture group may make children victims in order to educate a victim through their technology. They may be curious as the how […]

Addiction And The Torture Group

The torture group uses their technology to replicate schizophrenia in their victims by carefully culturing the torture symptoms they display. They do other work. One disease the torture group can easily cause is that of addiction. The percentage of addicts among torture victim is unknown but assumed to be higher then among the general population. […]

Issuing A Challenge

What does it mean to challenge the torture group? It means to deny them the ability to cause a reaction from you during torture. It means fighting back against the abuse by advocating for yourself and/or others. It means quite a few things. But there’s conflicting reports of how it can be done. Victims say […]

Coping Techniques

The torture is a physical, psychological and emotional attack. Without the proper support backing them victims have to figure out how to survive the torture on their own or sometimes with limited support. There’s some very simple and reliable things to try to combat your torture. Here’s the basic advice: Manage the stress: The torture […]

Glaring Mistakes

You might have noticed that torture victims are all around making noise and ringing alarms in their efforts to stop the torture and free themselves. They’re a vociferous bunch. This gives them a higher public profile then they would otherwise have. Which is strange. Because the torture is secret. You may think this unprovable torture […]

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