Informing The Victim About The Torture Group Cases

What It Is This is where the torture group shares information about themselves with victims during an ongoing torture case where the victim was previously uninformed of the torture in a truthful manner. Where It Is Done It is done in an unknown amount of torture cases on victims where the presence of the company […]

How To Destroy Credibility

2012 I assume that people who state the common theories of what this torture is, why it is done, who is doing etc. are all being physically controlled. There is no way that brainwashing in any form can produce these patterns of behavior.  When controlling a body there are rigid limitations on what you can […]

How The Torture Group Causes Behavior In Victims

What This Is The torture group has the ability to control victims completely because victim believe that they’re thinking what the torture group tells them to through the torture. How They Do It A manipulative and yet cohesive environment of audio, sensation and visuals is created. The victim hears thought voice narration which describes the […]

Heroes Of The Torture Group

Who They Are These are the people in the torture group that fight the torture group in subversive ways for the benefits of victims of the torture. Hopefully there exists at the torture group people who disagree with the torture group’s actions. They strategically act in ways that are positive for the people being tortured. […]

Employees Of The Torture Group Relationships With Torture Victims

Who Interacts Employees interact with victims through the torture cases that are being done on victims. Whether employees ever approach victims in real life is unknown but not impossible. ۰Case workers They oversee the daily operations of a torture case and monitor the activity and the victim. They may talk to victims through the computerized […]

Do Victims Remember Sensations From The Past?

The Question Can a victim from torture which made them not understand what the torture was recognize the torture sensations that were used in their torture when they are done on them during openly revealed torture by the torture group? This question applies only to victim who now know about the torture but previously did […]

Creating Disease And Disorder Symptoms

The torture group cannot create true diseases and disorders only the symptoms of them. They can cause the victim to suffer from the falsified symptom in such a way that they will believe they have a disease or be medically diagnosed with a disease or a disorder. The torture group is limited to the muscular […]

Creating A Ghost

Who They Are Ghosts are victims of the torture group who are given information about the torture group and its operation so that they can be used against the torture group and help bring them down. The strongest ghosts are victims who are aware of the torture group’s presence. They are the ones who can […]

Computer Programming And The Torture Group

What It Is Computer programming is used in pre-designed torture attack programs for use in computer operations which control the distribution of all torture. It is a mainstay in the operations of the torture group. How It Is Used The operation of the technology the torture group uses relies entirely on computer programming to function. […]

Causing Emotions In Victims And The Torture Group

What It Is This is when a torture case deliberately causes emotions in a victim to get a reaction from the victim from what the torture group is doing. How They Do It Thought voice narration is vital to this. The victim believes the thought voice narration is their own thoughts and will respond to […]

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