Surviving The Torture Group

The Torture Group The torture group does not care about the victim and the victim must learn this in the harshest ways; through abuse. The torture group, who shows aggressive sadistic behavior, will continue to harm the victim no matter what pain the victim displays. The threat the torture group poses against the victim is […]

Sexual Torture And The Torture Group

People Who Participate And How ۰Victims who know about the torture They will be fooled into thinking they have relationships with people they meet through the torture attacks, or whatever the torture group presents themselves as, and engage in “relationships” or be forced to suffer through bizarre recreations of rape using the torture technologies. ۰Victims […]

Responsibility And The Torture Group

Do They Know What They Are Doing? In my case the torture group frequently admits that they are committing crimes and the things they are doing are hurting me. I believe that the people in the torture group are fully aware of what they are doing and that it is wrong. The People Responsible The […]

Re-Education Of Victims And The Torture Group

What It Is This is when the torture group takes long-term victims misinformed on what the torture is and teaches them about what the torture group does. It is specifically when they tell them what the torture group has been doing to them and teach them that the audio, sensation and visuals are technology and […]

Psychology, The Torture And The Torture Group

What It Is Psychology is an academic and applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors. How They Use It It was used by the torture group to create the modern delivery of their technology in torture cases. Psychology is also used in cases to analyze how the torture is affecting […]

Music And The Torture Group

Who Uses It It is used by the torture group in torture cases and for entertainment purposes How It’s Used Music is used with the three main technologies. It is a basis for the display of artistic or functional works done for use by the torture group or to enhance those works. ۰Analysis of music-lyrics […]

Mimicking Thought And The Torture Group

Thought Thought generally refers to any mental or intellectual activity involving an individual’s subjective consciousness. It can refer either to the act of thinking or the resulting ideas or arrangements of ideas. What It Is This is the torture group’s use of their technology to narrate the thoughts of their victim for use in controlling […]

Learning Disabilities Caused By Torture

What This Is This is a program that causes learning disabilities in victims. Where It Is Done It is done in all torture cases on victims. How It Is Done First you have to understand what victims are hearing and how they psychologically react to it. The audio program works by synthetically delivering memory assistance […]

Knowing The Victim And The Torture Group

What This Is This is when the torture group creates an individual file on the victim for use in their torture. How They Do It The torture group must pay attention to the victim at all times for optimal understanding of the victim and their torture. The information is updated supposedly automatically but also said […]

Keeping A Victim On Edge

What It Is This is when the torture group uses their technology to create an environment that swings violently up and down in varying levels of negative intensity. What They Do Audio ۰Uncomfortable sounds high and low in pitch or in combination with pain sensations. They use disruptive and disturbing sounds like obnoxious talking, muttering […]

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