Is The Technology Safe For People?

It is a real question as to whether the technology the torture group is using is safe for the people they use it on. There is no evidence as to whether the torture group has ever done any tests to prove the technology is safe. They are using their victims as guinea pig. This means […]

Employees Of The Torture Group Relationships With Torture Victims

Who Interacts Employees interact with victims through the torture cases that are being done on victims. Whether employees ever approach victims in real life is unknown but not impossible. █░Torture operators They oversee the daily operations of a torture case and monitor the activity and the victim. They may talk to victims through the computerized […]

Clap On, Clap Off

For all of my torture and as long as I can remember (which are the same length of time) I’ve seen street lights go out around me every now and again. They don’t flicker. They don’t turn on. They sometimes go out when I’m passing them by. Ask my mother and she will say as […]

The Torture Technologies Revisited

The four torture technologies: audio, sensation, visuals and physical control of a body, are all undetectable to the naked eye. The victims experiences them by hearing, feeling, seeing and being made to do what the torture group deigns they will. Because these technologies are so unique the non-victims of the world are unable to identify […]

St Zoo

St. Zoo is short for schizophrenic. It’s a nickname the torture group used during the Jakob Dylan months which slowly faded from use over the rest of the first year of schizophrenia torture I received. St. Zoo’s pinnacle use was in describing an imaginary situation where the technology could be used as entertainment. Here’s the […]

Death And Bambi

I was told this story was about Jakob Dylan. I was told this story was about David. Here’s the story. I’ll use the name Jakob here: When he was a young man Jakob had a roommate who was a heroin addict. Sadly one day he came home to find his roommate had died of an […]

You Smell That

The torture group is telling me what I smell. They describe in detail the scent, how long it lasts and what it is. But the torture group is not anywhere around me. They can’t smell what I can. The only way they can smell what I smell is that they can’t. They know what I […]

The Simple Explanation

I remember how it went when the torture group gave me the rundown of how the technologies all worked. They didn’t tell me everything at first. The told me some of the near truth. As I sat outside and smoked I listened to the second version of the story about why I was seeing, hearing […]

Scent Memory

It wasn’t until they replayed it again that I remembered. The smell of my father and mother, my old friend’s house, my cousin’s laundry smell. The torture group had been connecting my memories to the smells they can create. They’d been doing it the whole time. They’re still doing it. Only they changed the smells […]

False Equivalent

That the torture group can make me taste and smell is less interesting than that they know exactly what I can taste and smell. They shouldn’t. It’s a secret. As they control my body I’m unable to give such reports on my sensory experiences. This tells me how to analyze the taste and smell attacks. […]

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