Entertainment And The Torture Group

What It Is This is the use of the torture group’s technology for positive non-torture purposes. Note The technology may be unsafe for people and therefore it is highly possible that the torture group does not use it for entertainment or are allowing it to be used without telling employees the risks of using it. […]

Employees Of The Torture Group Relationships With Torture Victims

Who Interacts Employees interact with victims through the torture cases that are being done on victims. Whether employees ever approach victims in real life is unknown but not impossible. ۰Case workers They oversee the daily operations of a torture case and monitor the activity and the victim. They may talk to victims through the computerized […]

Does The Sensation Technology Enhance The Victim’s Sense Of Their Body?

The question Does the victim have a heightened awareness of their body when the torture group uses the sensation technology on them? My Evidence When I feel them do a sensation on an area of my body I get a stronger sense of that area. It is more than the area in the location they […]

Do Victims Remember Sensations From The Past?

The Question Can a victim from torture which made them not understand what the torture was recognize the torture sensations that were used in their torture when they are done on them during openly revealed torture by the torture group? This question applies only to victim who now know about the torture but previously did […]

Causing Emotions In Victims And The Torture Group

What It Is This is when a torture case deliberately causes emotions in a victim to get a reaction from the victim from what the torture group is doing. How They Do It Thought voice narration is vital to this. The victim believes the thought voice narration is their own thoughts and will respond to […]

Assaulting The Senses

How the torture group uses the technology together to create a large scale attack on the victim and accomplish a unique near sensory over-stimulation The torture group does not rely on the technology individually but uses it together to create a potent assault on victims when they attack them. The audio, sensation and visuals are grouped […]

A List Of My Personal Audio, Sensation And Visuals Torture Attacks

Head ۰A round shape of pressure like the brim of a hat around my head Hair ۰A full head feeling of heat when my hair got dirty ۰Irritation when my hair touches my skin ۰Irritation when single strands of hair are on my face Ears ۰The pain I felt during my earaches that I had […]

June 27, 2019

I have an issue that the torture group is in charge of dealing with. I help my aunt out by walking her dog for her. Since I don’t work this keeps me busy. My aunt is on vacation and doesn’t need me right now. But when I saw her last week she asked if I […]

Clap On, Clap Off

For all of my torture and as long as I can remember (which are the same length of time) I’ve seen street lights go out around me every now and again. They don’t flicker. They don’t turn on. They sometimes go out when I’m passing them by. Ask my mother and she will say as […]

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