Sexual Torture And The Torture Group

People Who Participate And How ۰Victims who know about the torture They will be fooled into thinking they have relationships with people they meet through the torture attacks, or whatever the torture group presents themselves as, and engage in “relationships” or be forced to suffer through bizarre recreations of rape using the torture technologies. ۰Victims […]

Rape And The Torture Group

What Is Rape? Rape is a type of sexual assault initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person’s consent. Where It Is Done Rape is committed against victims of the torture group in torture cases. How The Torture Group Commits Rape The torture group commits rape when they use their sensation […]

Pedophilia And The Torture Group

What This Is The torture group practices sexually deviant uses of their technology by using it to commit sexual crimes against their child victims. They do not physically touch their victims but do everything else including using the sensation technology to cause children to feel sexual sensations on their bodies, showing child subjects sexual visuals […]

Music And The Torture Group

Who Uses It It is used by the torture group in torture cases and for entertainment purposes How It’s Used Music is used with the three main technologies. It is a basis for the display of artistic or functional works done for use by the torture group or to enhance those works. ۰Analysis of music-lyrics […]

Movement And The Torture Group

How They Affect Movement Movement is affected by the sensation technology which causes reactions in the muscular system. They cannot relax muscles all the way, the body fights to retain its control. Symptoms include: ۰Balance issues ۰Blinking ۰Choking, ۰Contractures/spasms-any body part ۰Coughing ۰Jerks /twitches-any body part ۰Physical issues due to disruptive audio torture ۰Seizures-full body […]

Is The Technology Safe For People?

It is a real question as to whether the technology the torture group is using is safe for the people they use it on. There is no evidence as to whether the torture group has ever done any tests to prove the technology is safe. They are using their victims as guinea pig. This means […]

Entertainment And The Torture Group

What It Is This is the use of the torture group’s technology for positive non-torture purposes. Note The technology may be unsafe for people and therefore it is highly possible that the torture group does not use it for entertainment or are allowing it to be used without telling employees the risks of using it. […]

Employees Of The Torture Group Relationships With Torture Victims

Who Interacts Employees interact with victims through the torture cases that are being done on victims. Whether employees ever approach victims in real life is unknown but not impossible. ۰Torture operators They oversee the daily operations of a torture case and monitor the activity and the victim. They may talk to victims through the computerized […]

Does The Sensation Technology Enhance The Victim’s Sense Of Their Body?

The Question Does the victim have a heightened awareness of their body when the torture group uses the sensation technology on them? My Evidence When I feel them do a sensation on an area of my body I get a stronger sense of that area. It is more mass than the area in the location […]

Do Victims Remember Sensations From The Past?

The Question Can a victim of torture which made them not understand what the torture was recognize the sensations that were used in their torture when they are done on them during openly revealed torture by the torture group? This question applies only to victim who now know about the torture but previously did not […]

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