Music And The Torture Group

Who Uses It It is used by the torture group in torture cases and for entertainment purposes How It’s Used Music is used with the three main technologies. It is a basis for the display of artistic or functional works done for use by the torture group or to enhance those works. ۰Analysis of music-lyrics […]

The Danse Macabre

From the movie “The Cell” and the book “House Of Leaves’ the torture group created a dark fantasy story they told me with visuals lifted directly from the book and the movie. This story was about one version of me. A fantasy retelling of me in another life. I was a before my torture version […]

Heroes Of The Torture Group

Who They Are These are the people in the torture group that fight the torture group in subversive ways for the benefits of victims of the torture. Hopefully there exists at the torture group people who disagree with the torture group’s actions. They strategically act in ways that are positive for the people being tortured. […]


I must have spent a long time on the negative side of my anxiety torture. Because the first time I went to Hawaii as an adult in 2007 or thereabouts I was hit with a startling peacefulness. The sensations they flooded me with calm and soothing and quiet and relaxation. I got a full week […]

A Conundrum

The Torture Group’s Long-Term Plan What It Is The torture group does torture on victims with the intentions to harm and abuse them. They create long-term plans for cases and most victims are tortured by the torture group for years. Though they are inherently abusing people they have instilled into cases torture that benefit the […]

St Zoo

St. Zoo is short for schizophrenic. It’s a nickname the torture group used during the Jakob Dylan months which slowly faded from use over the rest of the first year of schizophrenia torture I received. St. Zoo’s pinnacle use was in describing an imaginary situation where the technology could be used as entertainment. Here’s the […]

Reading Movies

The torture group participates in every action I take. This includes when I’m reading books. I hear a thought voice narrate not only thought statements to me from the torture group but also reading almost everything I can see out loud for me to hear. When I’m reading a book this attack really gets intense. […]

With Honey

Nazi interrogator Hanns Scharff showed that positivity is more efficient in getting what you want from people then negative force and violence is. This tells us that the torture group doesn’t know so much about torture or is unskilled in the methods and techniques which work best. But then so are a lot of people. […]

A Man At My Back

The torture group who gave me a confidence man, a man who gave me confidence to succeed where I’d never before who was really a shyster, next gave me a man at my back; literally. This sensation/visual attack was done during the Jakob Dylan and David months of June 20th, 2011 to September 20th and […]

Luke, The Devil Imp

The torture group never came right out and said yes we’re playing around with the idea of astral projection. Because they based it in science. They said in live time they scanned a person’s actions which were then run into the computer system which transferred those actions into the sensations technology programming. Along with “live” […]

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