August 17th, 2019

Despite the sleep disturbance torture leading up to the flight to Hawaii I woke up early the day of and was the first one ready to go. However on the car ride there I was hearing voices including my thought voice say how I didn’t want to go to Hawaii. Because of no reason I […]


I must have spent a long time on the negative side of my anxiety torture. Because the first time I went to Hawaii as an adult in 2007 or thereabouts I was hit with a startling peacefulness. The sensations they flooded me with calm and soothing and quiet and relaxation. I got a full week […]

August 10th, 2019

This week I noticed an odd use of exhaustion sensation and corresponding behavior changes. When I first began experiencing the exhaustion problem from my torture in 2012 it led me to quit volleytennis, working and try to not go out socially as much. But in 2019 things were going so well with my volunteer work […]

Does The Sensation Technology Enhance The Victim’s Sense Of Their Body?

The question Does the victim have a heightened awareness of their body when the torture group uses the sensation technology on them? My Evidence When I feel them do a sensation on an area of my body I get a stronger sense of that area. It is more than the area in the location they […]

Me And Del Were Singin’

I’ve shared most of the fantasy music videos the torture group used to show me. What I have left is a short list. Fantasy music videos which are harder for me to describe because I can’t remember every action that took place in them. Instead of the detailed descriptions like before here these are with […]

Do Victims Remember Sensations From The Past?

The Question Can a victim from torture which made them not understand what the torture was recognize the torture sensations that were used in their torture when they are done on them during openly revealed torture by the torture group? This question applies only to victim who now know about the torture but previously did […]

Little Piggy Says “Oink!”

During the first week of my schizophrenia torture following June 20th, 2011 I was meeting more and more of the characters involved in my supposed psychic connection to Jakob Dylan. One day in strolled a casual cat named Samuel. Jakob Dylan has an older brother by that name. This Samuel looked a lot like Jakob. […]

A List Of My Personal Audio, Sensation And Visuals Torture Attacks

Head ۰A round shape of pressure like the brim of a hat around my head Hair ۰A full head feeling of heat when my hair got dirty ۰Irritation when my hair touches my skin ۰Irritation when single strands of hair are on my face Ears ۰The pain I felt during my earaches that I had […]

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