Music And The Torture Group

Who Uses It It is used by the torture group in torture cases and for entertainment purposes How It’s Used Music is used with the three main technologies. It is a basis for the display of artistic or functional works done for use by the torture group or to enhance those works. ۰Analysis of music-lyrics […]

The Danse Macabre

From the movie “The Cell” and the book “House Of Leaves’ the torture group created a dark fantasy story they told me with visuals lifted directly from the book and the movie. This story was about one version of me. A fantasy retelling of me in another life. I was a before my torture version […]

Me And Del Were Singin’

I’ve shared most of the fantasy music videos the torture group used to show me. What I have left is a short list. Fantasy music videos which are harder for me to describe because I can’t remember every action that took place in them. Instead of the detailed descriptions like before here these are with […]

Suzanne Omega

I was hearing about old fantasies the torture group had created for me to watch as I listened to music with my MP3 player. They brought up the alternate video of the Suzanne Vega’s “Blood Makes Noise”. I don’t think I’ve shared it. In 2009 to 2011 the torture group was showing me a series […]

Like a Stone

The Chris Cornell story lingers on. It’s been how many months since I reported the torture group was using the recently deceased singer in their stories? I don’t even know. I do remember the torture because it also included my yearly positive torture in the form of positive sexual sensation torture attacks for the entirety […]

Rock Your Body in Time

This fantasy music video is set to Harry Belafonte’s “Jump in the Line”. This was first shown to me sometime between 2009-2011. It was one of the many visual stories I saw then. This one takes a lot of background from my life. I was in one dance class and the torture operators decided I […]

Anatomy of the Lie

I’ll break down the computer’s torture attack which used a song as inspiration. This one attack has been ongoing for many months now. But only this year. This attack was created to further my case goals. They see the lie as something I believe in. The song is “Feel it still” by Portugal. The Man. […]

The fantasies Continue

The torturers didn’t stop showing me the fantasy stories involving the Girl after David and company went away. It took some time for them to come back into rotation. When they did they now included stories about how I will be after my torture is over. They imagine the same character and another more realistic […]


Referencing a on-line video I saw where a man dressed in 80’s style clothes plays his saxophone in public that went viral. Set to Goldfrapp’s “Oh la la”. The Girl is Alison. She goes to a grocery store in Germany to film her music video for her song. As the music starts she is standing […]

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