Addiction And The Torture Group

The torture group uses their technology to replicate schizophrenia in their victims by carefully culturing the torture symptoms the victims display. They do other work. One disease the torture group can easily cause is that of addiction. The percentage of addicts among torture victim is unknown but assumed to be higher then among the general population. The torture group is involved in the physical and mental causes and affects of addiction on a victim and enjoys using the psychological torture they implement and techniques they have created for addiction to create this type of disease in victims.

How A Victim Becomes An Addict

The torture group is creating a torture environment for the victim using their technology and victims often have issues with dealing with that environment. The torture group can at any time encourage the victim to use a drug of any kind to soothe themselves. The torture group will ignore the negative effects of the drug when the victim is using the drug and the victim is experiencing a more peaceful and calm state. Though the torture group can do pleasant sensations on the body they don’t necessarily have to do so to make the experience enjoyable for the victim. They can even leave either one or two of the technologies the same and do negative things in all but one technology for the victim to like the experience of being on drugs. Meaning when the sensation technology is not actively being used to add to or to detract from the addiction the victim can experience a normal negative behavior in peace.

The High

The high the victim experiences will be a level of positive above that which the victim normally experiences. It could include either audio, sensations, visuals or a combination. Victims will be sent a variety of positive torture attacks but the attack has to be above the level of normal positive attacks a victim normally experiences with positive attacks to be effectively done.

A Bad High

The torture group doesn’t put aside their tendency to abuse and will create a bad experience as easily as they will soothe the victim. A bad high will include some combination of audio, sensation and/or visuals. If the victim is not getting more positive experiences than they are bad ones than they will not do the drug according to the torture group. The torture group can and will use their worst techniques to hurt the victim if they belief that their addiction makes them vulnerable.

How The Addiction Becomes A Problem

Though physical addiction is happening to the victim the torture group deals with both physical and mental factors in addiction and the rewards from using the drug are far less than those which the torture group gives. The victim at this point is using the drug to make the torture group soothe them. They are getting a reward for using. The environment is at the level where the torture group has the victim aware of the reward they get when they use the drug. They will literally tell the victim about how good it feels when they do the drug. The torture group will encourage the victim to use the drug in order to obtain the reward. It is not that the victim needs the reward as much as they are being given the reward when they perform a desired action for the torture group by using the drug. The torture group will mimic physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal to give the victim a craving for the regular use of the drug.

When Addiction Is treated

When the addiction is being treated the torture group can or cannot decide to let the victim quit the drug. They may help the victim do certain things to cope during the time and change the behavior they tell victim to do to include that which commonly occurs when going through addiction treatment but mostly choose to make it a bigger struggle than it really is. Torture victim addicts are more prone to relapses and have a harder time quitting drugs. Though victims go through a real experience when they quit drugs the technology can hold its own. Because the torture group is creating symptoms of addiction the victim can ignore the real ones they are experiencing and the quitting can be facilitated or worsened by the torture.

How Addiction Remains A Problem

As they say once an addict always an addict and the torture group adheres to this slogan with what they do to addicts after they quit using. They will tempt the victim often and tease them with reminders of the positive effects they felt when they were high and do the stressful environment that first led the victim to start using. The addiction torture will remain a part of the victim’s case for the rest of their time with the torture group.

Why The Torture Group Does This

The torture group causes problems because they do harmful things to subject under the guise of cause diseases and disorders. Addiction is a possible negative behavior for the torture group to provoke and is an easy disease to do. The torture group can stress the victim more by doing this and will always cause an addiction in some form by depriving the victim of their regular positive sensory/audio reaction or abusing the victim at a higher level to make the victim overindulge.

The Affects It Has

The victim suffers from common symptoms of addiction and psychological torture. The torture group is manipulating the victim to cause negative behavior and this is a risky disease to deal with that can be forever used in the victim’s torture. What the torture group does during the victim’s addiction can be very harmful. The physical and mental problems they cause are going to be as hard to deal with as addiction without the torture. At times the torture group can make the victim feel good or bad during the times they use drugs but the drug will also give the victim a reaction; the reaction the torture group does with their technology can be just as strong especially if it is unknown to be active by the victim. The victim is in danger but because cases include a number of main goals and torture attacks victims suffer relatively average with addictions created by the torture group unless the torture group focuses on the addiction as the victim’s main case goal.

Addiction To The Technology

There is no such thing as a dependence on the torture technology in victims who are aware of the torture. The torture group uses the technology to psychologically and physically torture the victims and have a distinct desire to continue using the technology to vent their unhealthy desire to abuse other people. Victims often don’t suffer direct addiction problems to the technology but have a distinct need for positivity from the torture group due to the abusive environment being forced on them. Things such as sexual sensation, pleasant sensations and positive audio will be desired and craved but only because anything else is an attempt to violently torture the victim.

In Review 2019

I honestly do not know where this opinion is coming from. Was I speaking of the torture group’s building of my addictive behaviors over the entirety of my torture like my food problems and other unhealthy behaviors? I am not certain. I have never been an addict. Except to cigarettes. Around the time this was written I had just gone through a year long story line of fantasy stories from the torture group involving one plot about the torture group being on drugs as one example of  the many ways they were lawbreakers and abusers even to themselves. Or was I trying to refute the fact that at this time I hadn’t gone twenty-two years without feeling a positive sensation called happiness that wasn’t a creation of the torture group’s technology? Perplexing essay I’ve written here. Don’t read too far into it. It confuses even me.


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Living in So. California. Victim of the T.I. torture since 1990. Child and adult victim of the torture. I share my torture experience to help people learn about the torture which continues to plague me and others. Not your average schizophrenic.

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