A List Of My Personal Audio, Sensation And Visuals Torture Attacks

۰A round shape of pressure like the brim of a hat around my head

۰A full head feeling of heat when my hair got dirty
۰Irritation when my hair touches my skin
۰Irritation when single strands of hair are on my face

۰The pain I felt during my earaches that I had as a child-dryness, pulsing, intense pain
۰Itching inside my ears
۰Irritation that forces me to clean my ears before they stop doing it

۰A mask like sensation on my face

۰Stinging and burning sensation when I have them, pop them, or just generally around the pimply area

۰Pain in my teeth
۰Tension in my jaw when I clench my teeth which the doctor diagnosed as TMJ

۰Sensation on the inside of my mouth that they say are sores which I have to touch with my tongue even when they are sore
۰A nervous tic when I have sores in my mouth-I am unable to stop tonguing them



۰Weakness when I try to sit up straight
۰Pain in my back around the lower vertebra from when I “hurt my back” in my teens
۰Bloating sensations around my belly
۰Pressure from my stomach outwards after I eat
۰Swirling sensation that unnerve me when I was anxious

۰Pain they call arthritis

۰Cutting sensations and throbbing pain when I clean my nails
۰A constant coldness on the ends of my fingers

۰Weakness that makes my knees go out when I’m walking

When I get hurt
These are they ways they hurt me beyond my actual pain.

۰Pulsing/throbbing on the wound
۰Searing heat


۰After I flossed I would get pain in my gums for hours. It was between my teeth were the floss went in the deepest. All my teeth ached and pulsed.

۰When I cleaned under my nails I would get pain where the tool went in the deepest.
۰If I cut my cuticle while trimming it there is pain.

۰My eyes would itch all the time. I was told I had allergies by the thought voice and when they itched I would scratch until they got red and swollen. Sometimes they itched after I touched by pets.

۰The inside of my nose itched and I would scratch it endlessly. I felt snot running out of my nose all the time and constantly wiped my nose.

۰The insides of my ears would itch and I would need to clean them often to affect the itch in some way.

۰I would get deep itches in my feet that would not go away. They were quite painful.

۰When I get pimples and squeeze then there is pain and burning.

۰I get a sharp pain when I scratch inside my belly button to clean it. They tell me it is because I pricked myself with my fingernail.

I have always had a thought voice narrator. Somebody has always instructed me in what I’m doing or just did or am about to do, the things I hear and feel and see, what I’m thinking, what other people say to me and what they think the torture group is trying to communicate and about what they want me to do. Its part of the torture group’s torture programming. They use it to guide and control a victim.

I hear somebody reading out loud when I read. It’s not the same person who is my  thought voice  narrator. I hear someone speaking when they show me visual of someone else’s descriptions of an event or story or when someone is telling me what to do. When listening to music I hear someone talking in the background or other music or someone talking about the music I hear. During hearing tests as a child they would play tones in between the test sounds. This caused me to press the button too many times throwing the test off.

At times they play tones and beeps. They do this frequently when trying to create a certain mood or affect me in a certain way. Some of these sounds can make me angry or confused. They often do long series of tones which are mostly heard in the background.

The torture group created a torture attack program for me when I was young that gives me a certain body feel. They continuously do this and see it as my normal sensation attack. When they change this sensation I feel different. It’s when they do harmful sensation that I react. Certain sensations are always made. I cannot describe the body feel I get or what the exact program is, though I know it well. The torture group did a level of  sensation on me that they had not surpassed until December 9th of 2011. A few of the sensations I’ve felt since then have never been done on me; some not at all, some never at the level or the way they are done now. When they do sharp light into my eyes it is followed by a painful stinging sensation. I feel sharp sudden pains when hearing loud noises.

The torture group gave me a particular visual technology delivery. They created a program for me that is slightly individualized. I see light in a certain way and am shown video in a certain way that they consistently do the same. When they add or detract from this program I experience an off sensation that they cannot control. It is slight but noticeable. Although I was experiencing visuals before June of 2011 I had no idea what I was seeing.

The torture group shows me video of events when people describe things of animated people acting out what the other person reports they did during their day or what the person describes. These videos are shown as thin, wispy barely visible but there non-the-less. They are of the exact event matching up to the person’s description seemingly perfectly. The seeming seamless connection is covered up by the narrator who analyses the video themselves and reports to me how and why it matched the person’s account. I also see video when reading and listening to music. They have no point in doing this. They manage to both annoy and entertain me with their video.

I had vision problems from elementary school on. The torture group would show me double layers of video when I looked at writing far away. They created an entire vision problem that carried on until September, 2011 when David started talking. The astigmatism was usually when reading and gradually worked into when I looked at the computer screen. I used my glasses on and off for several years until they did the effect when I looked at the computer. At that time I was experiencing eyes stresses that caused me to use them almost full time. The aftereffects of this visual effect are non-existent. I was worried when I heard about this abuse but seem to have suffered no permanent effects.

In Review 2019

I aspired to log my entire sensory torture experience. Obviously I gave up on this. I believe I wrote what I could recall over a short period of time. The individual sensations listing of torture attack experiences are the small and minor nuisances the torture group does in between the bigger things like the more in depth thought voice narrator torture attack. My sensory torture attacks did change in 2011 and some of these torture attacks have never returned to me while others like the false arthritis pains have. It is hard to note down the entire catalog of torture attacks because the torture group can and in my case does do them for the entire duration of my day several at a time. Enjoy the list and if you’re in the know try writing down your own.

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Living in So. California. Victim of the T.I. torture since 1990. Child and adult victim of the torture. I share my torture experience to help people learn about the torture which continues to plague me and others. Not your average schizophrenic.

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