A Fantasy World


The torture is a creation of man. It is technologically created as a sensory experience for those forced to experience it. It comes from the minds of the torture operators. It’s structured by the torture group higher ups. The entire process is ruled and regulated by the goals of the people leading the torture group. While these people hold irrational goals and commit a crime of intense cruelty they manage to create a force of nature in their torture. You can see from what victims report that the torture is more than you could imagine and worse than what you can see.

The torture group creates content to transmit to the victim. There is no torture without prepared content run through a computer which organizes three to four technologies together into one whole live torture experience. All of the torture occurs live on the victim but not all of the torture is actually conducted live. Much of it is done using computer programs which consist of torture content ready to be run should the right computer match to live occurring stimuli be made. That’s right the torture group’s computer matches torture to live events in only ways it knows to. It cannot match torture to a live event unless the live event exactly matches enough of the programs keys. Keys are loosely connected ideas and concepts cataloged in the computer’s database. The torture group has labeled all of life… or rather a small portion of life.

There are two elements of the torture which qualify as fantasy. One is the lies which the torture group routinely tells victims to create a false story about their self portrayal to the victim. The second use of fantasy are more like works of art. They are movies in animated form of stories which frequently use the victim as a character in them. Personal stories though more fantastical than the stories about who the torture group is and what they do.

In my torture I’ve experienced extensive use of the fantasy stories second type. I had always experienced these torture attacks using me as a character either as myself somehow fitted into a storyline or as a different version of myself. These occurred all through childhood into adulthood. Starting in 2009 there was a large raise in the amount of fantasy stories I was being told. They exploded the stories with characters, plots and episodes to series of stories. They were all dark and light. They were beautifully terrible. They were the creation of a sick and gifted mind. They came from the torture group and they were about my torture, me and my torturers.

What the torture group creates as torture inherently identifies who the torturers are whether it be as a group or an individual. The fantasy stories created for my and other victim’s torture detail the psyche of the torture operator working on or contributing content to our torture. So it can be gleaned from the torture content how the torturer views the victim. What the torturer wants the victim to be. How the torturer is faring while being an accomplished sadist living hidden from the world. Why the torturer does this job. It gives insight into the torturer which he would prefer to have hidden.

In Review 2019

True. Still true. Very true. Point for cake.



Published by ti30years

Living in So. California. Victim of the T.I. torture since 1990. Child and adult victim of the torture. I share my torture experience to help people learn about the torture which continues to plague me and others. Not your average schizophrenic.

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