A Conundrum

The Torture Group’s Long-Term Plan

What It Is

The torture group does torture on victims with the intentions to harm and abuse them. They create long-term plans for cases and most victims are tortured by the torture group for years. Though they are inherently abusing people they have instilled into cases torture that benefit the victims. These programs are a vital tool in the company application of their technology; they exist as an alternative to every torture attack program the torture group has created and uses. The fact that they do things to help and assist the victim in their life while actively working to also stunt and inhibit the victim’s life is a strange and unique feature which goes against the overall goals of the torture group. The torture group does as much that is positive as they do negative in a normal torture case only at less intense levels. In cases where the victim is aware of the torture group and they are being heavily abused these positive and beneficial programs are still being used on the victim even though it doesn’t seem to match with the torture group’s main goal of abuse. This is an investigation of the programs that help victims of all kinds and especially those who are aware of the torture group’s presence in their lives.

Victims Who Are Excluded

There are many cases where the torture group has turned against a victim and does only negative things to them. Often times in cases where the victim is aware of the torture attacks that are negative commonly supersede the positive things being done. The victim can have problems in several areas like memory and physical fitness. This is because the torture group is testing the stronger affects of their technology in these cases.

Why They Do It

The torture group believes that by they cannot understand the affects on victims unless they operate on them for the long-term. Because they are operating from the psychological investigative standpoint they have broadened their work to include a well-rounded delivery of their technology. This means they have to do the positive and beneficial programs to let the victim continue to function like letting them break from torture to eat and sleep. The victim would end up in a hospital bed or the mental asylum  if the negative torture were all they experienced day in day out.

How They Do It

In cases on individual victims the torture group utilizes planning and computer programming tailored towards controlling every aspect of a victim’s life. The torture group creates a complete automated system to deliver the audio, sensation and visuals a victim experiences each day. They mix in a varied amount of positive programs with the negative ones.

Examples Of Positive Tools Of Main Computer Programs

۰Educating victims

Victims are given information from the torture group that they otherwise wouldn’t learn. This happens whenever a topic is brought up in the victim’s environment, when a victim talks to someone, hears something, reads something or when the torture group initiates conversation with the victim

۰Memory assistance

The thought voice narration works to remind victims of the things they have to do each day. The victim is given this extra help so the torture group can control when they do things and what they do.

۰Positive audio

They will talk positively to the victim with thought voice narration and other voices.

۰Positive encouragement

This is the main psychological tactic of the company. The company uses positive encouragement to make victims do the things they want them to. They will only encourage the things they’ve decide are correct. When victims disobey the company will be negative towards the victim in audio, sensation or visual or a combination of the three.

۰Positive sensations

The torture group engages their positive sensation technology whenever they are trying to make a victim feel positivity of any kind.

۰Positive visuals

They will show the victim beautiful and positive visuals especially the kinds that make the victim happy and calm.


The torture group recognizes that there are things that need to get done in their victim’s life and will remember the things that need to get done. Important things like paying bills and waking up on time for work are noted by the torture operators and added to the daily reminders of the memory program. As the torture group changes the victim’s life the new schedule is altered to include the torture group’s actions and the victim’s reactions to them. A full victim of the torture group is one who has a torture group controlled or created schedule.

۰Solutions to problems

The torture group will help the victim find solutions to their problems, be they problems the torture group creates or outside problems. This is so the torture group can make the victim behave they way they want to.

۰Speech assistance

The torture group will feed victims words and assist them in what they say. Victims grow dependent on the delivery of words the torture gives them.

Torture Attacks

Examples of good torture attack goals

۰High self-esteem

۰Physical fitness

۰Goal oriented

Maintaining A Victim’s life

As part of their long-term goals the torture group has to make the victim maintain a functional life. Since victims are from all kinds of lifestyles this issue is pressing. The torture group does not care if a homeless victim gets a job to support himself after the torture but they do care if the man is working during their torture of him. They will tailor make torture attacks in all cases. The torture group will also show concern for each aspect of a victim’s life and support them through their interference with their lives by supporting lifestyle and livelihood. Sometimes they forego all know concerns of a victim’s part and very quickly alter the subject’s life to the worse. They seek to control over maintaining victim’s previous level of lifestyle and life success. But they will also allow the victim to get or do just enough to support themselves even if that means going on public assistance.

Outside Factors In A Victim’s Life

There will always be outside influences in the victim’s lives. Things like family, job and the world we live in will invariably affect what the victim does and what the torture group does to them. It may be a change in schedule like picking a daughter up from school at last minute or a medical bill that has detrimental affects for the victim. The torture group deals with these immediately. They are prepared for new information that will come into the victim’s lives. In certain cases, possibly because of poor performance by torture operators or because they are doing negative programs, the situations and information from outside factors are not dealt with at all. Victims may show a lack of awareness to new information and ignore it completely. This gives the torture group time to decide the victim’s reaction and dictate it to them even though the victim has already made up their mind about what they think. Once the torture group learns and processes this new information they will regurgitate it to the victim and offer a reaction of their choosing to the victim. It will be integrated into the victim’s torture.

Case Changes Over Time

The torture group has a goal for all their victims. They make life-long goals for their victims. A rambunctious young girl may become an engaging pre-teen and then suddenly shy in her teens and never display her childhood personality again. This is because there are so many mental and physical illnesses for the torture group to emulate in their torture. Case changes aren’t based on the victim’s pre-existing personality or lifestyle but on what the torture group believes the victim should be and do. The torture group has no rules and no one policing them. They do the most heinous things imaginable.

Torture operators change the case in small ways every day. They would get bored otherwise. No two days are the same even though the victim’s habits are the same. What the victim hears from the torture group, which is biased toward case goals, changes each day. Bigger changes take place week to week and so on. As the victim faces life and all its challenges the torture group finds more to work with and more ways to destroy the victim’s level of happiness. Invariably certain things will be absorbed into torture attacks and computer programming and used against the victim for all of their torture. The mess they found in the hall will lead to the victim complaining to their family about cleaning the house then to long hours spent trying to get everyone involved in weekend housecleaning then to giving up and hiring a maid adding an expense to the victim’s household bills. All of those changes in a victim who perhaps never cared about a clean house before. Minute things like this will be seized upon and used in erratic case changes for the victim. The torture group does not base their actions in rational thought.

The Torture Group’s Relationship With A Victim

The torture group has many victims. They view as special those who behave in expressive and creative ways. The more a victim displays and the larger variety of forms of artistic or creative skills they can perform the more the torture group likes the victim. Intelligence, special talents, beauty, attention and wealth of any kind are also all seen as special to the company. They follow the more trite ideals of society. The torture group will pick out victims whom they see as special and abuse them more. They will also abuse those they see as unimportant as they feel they are not special enough. All victims are abused in the same ways but the level of abuse for these two extremes is worse. They also enjoy changing a positive person into a negative one with the torture.

Long-Term Victims

The torture group will keep victims for years when they approve of the victim. The reason they do this is to create long-term disorders in the victim’s life and because they like the victim and their life. The torture group wants to see the victim suffer for long periods of time. They have permanent victim that have been tortured since they first started experimenting on people with the technologies. They go through many new victims each year and the most abused are those who have been tortured for years.

 Using Positivity To Balance A Negative Torture Case

Positive torture attacks are used in cases where the victim is daily abused by the torture group to balance the effects of the negative torture. They include any attacks that soothe and relax the victim.  It gives the victim a break from the abuse and destresses them. These are cases where the torture group is directly doing negative torture most of the time and then does a few sporadic or regular positive torture attacks.

Sensory Overload

When the torture group operates they maintain a basic but functioning life for their victim. The victim is busy reacting to what the torture group is doing and will become absorbed by the audio, sensation and visuals. The victim is at all times under attack and partially distracted by the torture. The torture group talks for as long as the victim is awake on topics they have chosen to abuse the victim about. The victim has things in their environment they are busy reacting to and sensing. The victim is taking in double to more the amount of information normal people do. They’re in near sensory overload. The remarkable thing is that the victim understands all the information they receive. While they understand it they cannot process and perform over a certain level of skill level. The torture group has to figure out what level the victim is overwhelmed by. They could lessen their output and allow the victim to function normally but they choose to do the maximum amount of abuse at once and distract the victim from things in their environment, obligations and in some ways their own thoughts.

The torture group reminds the victim of things in their life that need to get taken care of. This is one way the torture group controls the victim’s behavior. The victim has to maintain a normal schedule and fulfill obligations and duties in order to remain a functioning individual. While the victim is distracted the torture group uses the audio to remind the victim to do things that they need to get done. This effect of the torture is what they call mind control. This is helpful to the victim in a strange way. To cause problems the torture group can not remind the victim. The torture group can stress the victim by being dramatic about duties and obligations them immediately distracting the victim to make them forget about the thing they needed to get done. During the time the torture group reminds the victim of things they need to do they will talk about them in the most positive light and explain why doing that thing will be good for the victim and benefit them.

 The Thought Voice Narrator’s Role In This

The victim’s thought voice narrator is agreeing with the statement about the importance of the reminder at the same time as it is made. The victim has to agree that the topic is important for them to do the action. The victim is not at all under the control of the thought voice narrator but agreeing with their opinion. The torture group claims that the victim agrees all of the time with the thought voice narrator. There is no proof that the narrator does anything more than make statements about their own thoughts and opinion on what the victim is experiencing. The proof is once the victim knows about the thought voice narrator they know it as a part of the audio the torture group does and not their own thoughts which should stop them from confusing it as their own thoughts.

Positivity In Torture Cases

The torture group tries to control and then maintain or detract from the level of comfort and happiness a victim experiences by doing positive things only when it suits their agenda. They will do a select amount of positivity and do it at a specific level. Once again the torture group believes they are in charge and they control the victim. The victim has to like the positive time for them to enjoy it. The torture group is tailoring the attack to the victim’s taste. The victim is more in charge than the torture group knows.

They don’t factor in the happiness a victim experiences from everyday life and even some things the torture group is saying are negative when they’re not meant to be. For everything the torture group is doing there is a way to positively twist the opinion of it. They also don’t factor in the victim’s own opinions about what they do. The victim may find the entire experience special and unique and the company would never know.

Getting The Victim To Do Things The Torture Group Says to

The torture group tells the victim what to do and say each moment of the day. When the victim hears the direction they are told why they should do it and the positive effects it will have on them. When the victim does what the torture group said to do they get praise and are told that they did something positive for themselves. The victim does things the torture group says to for their own reasons and will continue to do the action described only as long as it is used as a positive behavior. The victim gets positivity from the torture group and encouragement to continue doing the things the torture group tells them to.

The torture group isn’t so much ordering the victim around but telling them how to achieve happiness and positivity within the torture system they operate on the victim. Victims often become confused by the explanations of the desired behavior and aren’t always given a full picture on what the effects of doing the behavior are. When the victim still follows the torture group instead of analyzing what they say they are under the effect of the voices they hear and exhibiting confused thinking which is a common symptom of the torture the torture group does. The torture group takes full advantage of the victim’s misconception of things they hear and often believe as their own thoughts by abusing the victim by telling them to do negative things that cause problems in their life. When victims do negative things they still get the same amount of reason for doing the behavior and positive support before, during and sometimes after they do the behavior.

The Positive Side Of Torture Cases

In every torture case there is an amount of topics that are talked about positively. The most positive voice in all cases is the thought voice narrator who is pretending to be the victim’s thoughts. In thought voice narration if the narrator doesn’t give the victim a positive goal they won’t do the action the narrator has instructed them to do, if the victim is given no rules to live by they would have nothing to judge what they hear but their own thoughts and if the victim has no preferences then there would be no baseline to judge the torture against. Keep in mind that thought voice narration is only the torture group’s created thought narration and is only connected to the victim by the constant audio remark “I am (victim’s name) and these are my thoughts.” which tells the victim that the audio they hear from the thought voice narrator is their thoughts. The baseline is always being crossed by the torture group and the thought voice narrator complains about how they’re being tortured by the torture group while the victim suffers from the torture that is being done at the same time.

Thought voice narration and positivity

When the thought voice narrator is having a good time and the victim is not being intensely tortured the victim will enjoy what they are experiencing. The thought voice narrator has to make a statement of positivity and strength that the victim connects to. Positivity can exist without the thought voice narrator mentioning it and the torture group will do things they consider subtle and hidden merely because the narrator doesn’t make them obvious to the victim though they are actively being experienced. In some cases the narrator may be programmed to turn against the torture group and actively support the victim in many ways in their fight against the ongoing torture by the torture group. The relationship can be positive but is still going to contain inconvenient abuse by the narrator when the victim would expect them to be supportive.

Unmentioned positivity

The amount of unmentioned positive audio, sensation and visuals varies in each case and depends on the victim’s personal preferences and no on else’s. The thought voice narrator can recognize positive activity but the victim has to like it for it to be actual positivity. Positive activity by the torture group counteracts the goal of doing much negative activity in every torture case.

The Schedule

The torture group will create a schedule each day for the victim to follow. This gives the victim direction and drive each day to do things. The instantaneous reaction the victim has to follow directions will lead them into thinking they’re making independents actions. The torture group must make them want to do the things they tell them to and the victim gets more positivity. Having a schedule, no matter who the source and how it happens, creates a more relaxing environment and is a distraction to the victim. So in ordering the victim around all day the torture group provides the victim with healthy goals and personal motivation to maintain their life and happiness.

In Review 2019

I think I was trying to sort out the idea of how I was experiencing both good and bad sensation torture and overall behavior from the torturers during my torture but came off a little indoctrinated. I honestly wasn’t thinking the torture was helping me according to my memory. The writing says otherwise. This shows the state of my torture in 2012 was unlike what it is now in 2019. I substituted the language I use now for the terms I used to use then like torture group for the company and victim for the subject. I’d say now that there is something to the torture group and their use of positive torture attacks of any kind. What that is is still confusing.

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Living in So. California. Victim of the T.I. torture since 1990. Child and adult victim of the torture. I share my torture experience to help people learn about the torture which continues to plague me and others. Not your average schizophrenic.

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