Word Salad

I see myself in other victims. I mean to say I see the torture computer’s writing on social media. In a unique type of absurd and seemingly random stringing together of words into sentences the torture computer makes itself known. It makes sense if you don’t speak a human language and were programmed to speak an inane version of language. It’s all computer and it doesn’t take one to recognize one.

I wrote down much of my early schizophrenia experience. I’m going to pull a random excerpt from this record:

“To be a brave witch. I’m witch Hazel. I’m a Glenda. A never die.”

“They do know I’m crazy. But I know how to seed. Hypochondria comes from a higher mind/ground. Books of many colors. And highballs. Long laughter. The level of a soddersfield is drawn by the horse. A beaten nag.”

When I wrote those it was July/August, 2011 during the Jakob Dylan months of my early, very early schizophrenia torture phase. The computer likes to vomit up word and phrases connected into a paragraph or thought. It goes off on a tangent. It’s programmed to do this. It’s supposed to be difficult to follow. But it makes some sense if you know the torture. My torture has evolved so much in seven and a half years that I don’t know exactly what the excerpts mean. They meant something specific then.

The problem I have with seeing this is that I’m controlled by the torture computer. It essentially wrote those excerpts. What’s the deal with the computer coming through so clearly in other torture cases? Does that mean it’s a sign of the victim being physically controlled as well? Can we find the torture victims from the computer’s presence revealed in conversation? Maybe we can.


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