Like a Stone

The Chris Cornell story lingers on. It’s been how many months since I reported the torture group was using the recently deceased singer in their stories? I don’t even know. I do remember the torture because it also included my yearly positive torture in the form of positive sexual sensation torture attacks for the entirety of the Chris Cornell story time. This topic continues to be brought up. I can easy figure out how come I’m still hearing it from the torture group. They’ve got me following the drama surrounding his life and death. Yup, there’s some drama. It doesn’t quite matter though I’m going to talk about how the torture group is inspired by and uses a piece of real life content in their torture. Here’s another one. The song is “Like a Stone” by Audioslave.

“In your house I long to be

Room by room, patiently

I’ll wait for you there, like a stone

I’ll wait for you there alone”

In this torture attack the torture group is telling me about us again. The song is about something else entirely. The song is about death and God I”ve been told. The torture group says the song means something different to them. It’s about me.

In order of the song lyrics:

I’m alone on a dark day after my torture has ended with thoughts of my history of torture going through my head. I want to go after the torture group.

I want to infiltrate their “house”.¬† I want to fight them. I can do it alone.

There’s a few changes to the meaning or some lyrics. I’m never said to have “wronged” anyone. It’s sarcasm when I “sing” those words. They also change “In dreams until my death I will wander on” into “And dream upon my death I will wander on”. They think I want to attack, stop the torture group and haunt them forever if doing so should happen to kill me.

Or the torturers tell me their side of the song:

I (the torturer) sit here feeling sad thinking of the little girl (me) locked up in her house (her mind) and want to be a part of her world (in her house).

Breaking apart the torturer’s way of thinking is very important. It helps non-victims figure out what’s going on that they can’t sense in any way. The torturers on my case however show a strange obsession with music and musicians. They’ve used it in my torture for the past twenty years or so. Integrating real life with the surreal torture I’m experiencing doesn’t add to my strength of belief in the things the torture group says. It doesn’t make seeing things which float in front of my eye that no one else cans see any more real. It doesn’t distract me and amuse me during my terrible, terrible torture. It teaches me about the people doing my torture. By showing me how they create and act through the art which is the torture technology. My torturers themselves are brooding poets.

Analysis: The torturers drop their perspective on me using this song. They see me as paralyzed during their physical control of me “like a stone”. They imagine I want either revenge or some kind of release which harms their control of me by escaping my prison, my “house”. They perceive my struggles as something dramatic and poetic instead of starkly real and sick. They really don’t want to face the reality of what they’re doing to me in torturing me. They keep seeking out beautifully put explanations for the pain and suffering they’ve caused me for the past twenty-eight years.

Inside their minds the torturers acknowledge my plight but refuse to admit they are the cause of it. They want to leave the source of the problem out in outer space unidentified. They refuse to portray themselves as the villain. This speaks of a man or men who don’t see themselves as they really are. Sometimes the mentally ill as badly sickened as the torturers need to find reasons justifying their actions which harm others. They fabricate a delusional explanation for why they must act the way they do. It’s a psychological response to how they know they aren’t normal and don’t fit in with others.




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