Workplace Mobbing

The reports on the torture event called “workplace mobbing” are a misinterpretation of a very real torture technique done by the torture group. I’ve written about the scapegoating misdirection the torture group does. I’ll explain the technique once more using workplace mobbing.

This attack very commonly happens early on in a victim’s torture. Victims can lose jobs due to being tortured. They can’t always do both their job and manage coping with the torture at once. This experience as explained by torture victims is when the victim has a job and co-workers and bosses are either independently driven to or hired by the torture group to participate in the torture. It’s the exact same scenario as gang stalking except the work related people are believed to be the torturers.

The experience is indeed a torture group created event. It’s not what it seems though. It’s a psychological/physical torture attack which is sophisticated and effective. Here’s how it goes:

The victim’s torture has just begun. They have begun to experience strange events at work. People are responding strangely to them like they didn’t before. Though the victim themselves is acting different they may not register that they are. Sometimes victims are unaware that the torture group uses subtle audio to insert information into the torture victim’s hearing which tells them lies about how other people are currently behaving such as “she’s talking about you”. Sometimes they do know about it and call it something like synthetic telepathy or V2K. The torture group is simply telling victims that workplace related people are committing torture offenses against them. For some reason the victim is either not understanding the thought was not their own, is not able to vet the information they hear or are too easily manipulated. It’s a torture symptom which is well documented.

There is a secondary technique being used during this attack. The torture group has sensation technology. They can do negative feeling sensations. They can strategically do a negative sensation in relation with saying the manipulative statement in a way which tricks the victim into believing the sensation is a visceral and natural reaction to another person. It’s a torture technique the torture group uses over and over in many different areas of the torture.

The victim can be unable to differentiate the torture attack from reality. They may be considering their co-workers and bosses as the ones responsible for their torture attack or truly guilty of committing the act or crime the torture group lied and told them they did. This makes a vulnerable and distressed person stressed and stricken. They have been betrayed by people they trusted. They are under extreme stress and unable to manage their reactions to the torture and non-torture related negative or intense situations. The torture group can successfully manipulate a victim. It depends on the victim and the torture. But this attack has been shown to be successful in many cases.


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