Chips/Implants/Tracking Devices

They believe they’ve been implanted with a technological device which they say facillitates the surveillance or the torture of them. It’s not true. These victims either heard a rumor or more likely were pressured by the torture group in torture attacks to believe this lie. The torture group doesn’t need in person access to the victim. The torture technologies work long range by activating once they touch a human being. They’re biologically reactive technologies.

The idea of chips or implants was born out of science fiction. The victims had and often still have no idea how the technologies or what they know as their torture experience works. In searching for answers they landed on a science fiction concept. The way of the future. It’s imaginative guesswork with no basis in fact. No victim ever has located a chip or any type of device used by the torture group in their body. Those reporting this are lying.

It’s possible to be a victim of this torture and not understand what causes it. Especially if the torture group shares misinformation with the victim. The torture technologies are not publicly known. Victims have only their reports to prove the torture with. Victims learn the torture is real through experiencing it. The torture victim community has up to possibly fifty years of disinformation and rumors built into it. It’s hard to shelve a piece of information when it seems to explain exactly what you’re going through.


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