Taking Tests

I’ve had to take many a test during my tenure as a torture victim. I remember taking them. There were the school end of year exams, the psycho-educational evaluations, those mental health rate from zero to five your propensity to do this or that negative behavior tests.  I’ve been through them all. As a torture victim being physically controlled these tests say nothing about the real me. They do however say everything about the torture computer managing my body. It turns out the Turing test was the only test I was taking.

When I would take these tests it was true test of the computer’s skill. Though the computer could be programmed to perform at a certain level of intelligence it couldn’t hide itself well. So I know a few things about the torture computer which not everyone can immediately detect. I know the computer may be low functioning in all math except for geometry. The computer may be programmed to act, to act human but it cannot truly judge how to react to human events. It has no true emotions however well it makes me seem to show them. It’s a pretty magnificent and yet at the same time pathetic machine. The torture computer is only as good as the people operating it. They are stepping in to guide the computer when it’s required and it’s required often.

I now have a record of the torture because of my educational and emotional problems caused by my torture. I also had to have medical exams due to my behavior and the temporal lobe seizures I had from age ten to fourteen. After that I was on many other medications which required medical testing. The torture group has no way to test me. They have no intelligence or physical health records of me aside from those they’ve copied from my own records by my doctors whom I met in person. Why does the torture group want to persist in doing this torture blindly without the ability to test and monitor its success? Perhaps because my parents mistakenly gave them the information they needed to know. Or more likely they have are as foolish as they behave.


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