Resting on a Cloud

I have a history of sexual torture with the torture group that started very early on. In 1990 when I was four years old the torture group first attacked me and that included sexual torture. I’m going to talk about forced masturbation here. It started when I was nine years old. They launched into it pretty aggressively. I was regularly forced to masturbate as the torture group deemed fit for fifteen years. During my current schizophrenia torture it still happens but irregularly.

The time most unusual was when the torture group was giving me false orgasms. They never did this level of sexual “satisfaction” before. It was in my early twenties around 2007 or so. They had always been fussy about my personal level of enjoyment or the positive factor of the sexual torture sensations they did. They sometimes gave me a sensation reward for being forced to masturbate but there were times when they wouldn’t and I was negatively attacked.

The false orgasms were hour long torture attacks of positive sensation all over my body unlike anyone else I experienced. I would masturbate, then they would do a fake orgasm. Afterwards they would have me lay down in bed and they would do a full body positive sensation attack. They had never done this before during sexual attacks. It was different. It ended soon enough. It might have lasted months. It was abnormal for them to do. It wasn’t until the schizophrenia torture kicked up that I got something similar.



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