Black and White and Gray all over

Looking at the torture victim community you see both sides of the political aisles represented. It’s not any one political party being touted by torture victims with the other being maligned. They’re all there in nearly equal numbers. The victims of the torture accidentally support the torture group’s lies about who does the torture through erroneous claims made under the stress of torture. They are fighting political battles with misinformation fed to them by the torture group.

While intending to play a neutral game the torture group shows their intentions. They want to have a finger in every pie. They showcase all political sides in their torture. This says a little about who they are and how they think. The torture group strategically employs tactics in the torture which they intend to veil their presence. They’re in hiding. They act in fear of punishment. They’re not the powerful group they pretend to be. Yet they want to attack political sides; all of them.

How the torture group operates is evident through observing torture victims. How they dither behind the scenes becomes apparent the more you study their work. They’re not so focused. The torture group plays many sides of the field. They’re not limiting themselves in the effects they create by who they target. They want anything that can cause harm to occur. This makes the torture group as a group somewhat lost. Well, very lost. And the workers disenfranchised. Which is why you see lazy torture work occurring e.g. down time for victims and cohesive reporting on the torture. The torturers seem bored. The torturers I know are beyond bored. But that’s another story for later.


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