Take a Seat

I guess I finally made it to where I was walking to. For just under a decade I paced when I smoked alone in my backyard. It started around 2009 roughly two years before my schizophrenia torture. I was seeing my visions as I called them then.Those were the music video/fantasy stories I’ve written about here. While I was outside alone especially in the dark relaxing and smoking cigarettes I was seeing torture visuals of a unique nature. I was full of energy and had no where I wanted to go. So I paced in circles.

I’ve walked in circles while smoking this entire time. I didn’t even notice that it changed right off. I had been walking to my volunteer job and also taking the bus. I didn’t pace so much anymore. I don’t know why this is exactly. Perhaps the torture group doesn’t want me to over exert myself. I don’t get so much daily activity regularly and the pacing in circles was the torture operator’s way of adding in extra exercise while seeming to be anxious energy.

The torture regularly fluctuates and changes. I’m only sharing this because it was such a long term behavior that changed so abruptly. I also like the thought of others, even complete strangers, privy to the torture group’s actions by reading any one victim’s reports on the torture. Maybe something somewhere occurred that forced the torture group to change and some random reader saw this action go down. How else can I help solve the torture if I don’t share everything I know?


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