Cat v. Cousin

My cat died two weeks ago and of course the torture group is on this. They’ve put me through mourning for my cat. I get torture that is the replication of real human experiences. Meaning as I’m physically controlled by the torture technology I receive psychological torture intended to guide me as to how I should think and feel. My thoughts are narrated to me by thought voice. My feelings are sensations created by the sensation technology which the thought voice describes as emotions not the physical feelings which they are. This is the torture group’s approach to my torture. I know it sounds like I’m a schizophrenic who is experiencing disassociation from her thoughts and feeling. I’m not. I’m describing the unusual torture experience I’m going through.

My mourning period for my cat lasted originally about five to ten minutes immediately following learning about her death. The cat’s death was not as important as the cousin’s was to the torture group. Mourning for the cat was minimal. I thought it was over with. Then the torture group decided her death was perfect to use in my torture. I can track this decision by their actions. This tells me they let the computer make an automatic action decision based on it’s basic programming then later the torturer reprogrammed it. Starting about a day or so after my learning the cat had died they abuse me with what they consider mourning.

Mourning for the torture group is a recreation of what they believe people go through when they lose someone. They play me false animated scenes and images of the lost loved one while telling me how sad I am and attacking me with the sensation (pain) they use as sadness. It’s meant to manipulate me into attaching my experience to the torture group’s action. I’m supposed to think I am emotionally sad because I lost someone. For the cousin they attacked endlessly for weeks. The attacks about the cat deaths have been happening about three to five per day since they started. Comparatively this shows that the torture group correctly judges humans more important than cats. This is a good sign. They’re not completely gone in delusion and psychosis.


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