Did I just pass out?

At the onset of my schizophrenia torture I was reading “The Language of Bees” by Laurie R. King. This sparked a tie-in by the torture group. They claimed the book held answers to my mysterious psychic connection to Jakob Dylan. That by reading the book I would solve the riddle. This was untrue. But in the story there were many references the torture group felt spoke of them and our relationship.

The Plot: Having come out of retirement from Sussex and marrying his wife and partner Mary Russell, Sherlock Holmes and his wife return home from a very personal case. Soon Holmes’ son turns up with a case involving a religious cult and the son’s missing wife and daughter.

The text includes excerpts from the fictitious religious book. The torture group had me trying to decipher them. The torture computer doesn’t do well with complex english language especially when it’s written. During the middle of reading the book the characters were telling me jokes. I was laughing so much and it was so out of character for me that my father grew concerned.

I was reading the book and then the next thing I knew I was waking up. I was lying face first in the open book while lying on my stomach as I had been while I was reading. The curious thing was that I had taken off my reading glasses before falling asleep. I have no memory of the events between reading and laughing and waking up.

This isn’t the most unusual event in my schizophrenia torture. I had two major memory lapses around this time. This however was not a fugue. It was going to sleep and it always happens similarly to this. I don’t usually have a blank period of time prior to falling asleep. I don’t lose time like that. Normally I would settle down to relax before falling asleep and waking up a beat after the memory of settling down. I never go to sleep in the middle of something. The first year of schizophrenia had a lot of rules being broken.


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