Real Psychological Symptoms of the Torture

The torture causes symptoms of torture. You can look that up anywhere and all over. This torture is know by the torturer’s actions and behavior which create a signature list of psychological symptoms related to this torture. Here’s a small and incomplete list:

Confusion: The torture takes a portion of the victim’s attention because it’s a three part sensory based technology of audio, sensations and visuals. It can cause the victim to lose focus and not pay attention to other things. The victim is too busy dealing and coping with intense physical and psychological stress to act the way they did pre-torture.

Delayed reaction: Victims are distracted. They’re also tortured so intensely they become numb to less intense actions going on around them.

Inability to make fair judgement: This is a problem for victims. They are so caught up in defending and justifying their torture experience to non-victims most of whom are non-believers that they hold as tightly as possible onto any bit of information which to them proves the torture is real. They can elide right past the truth because the lie proves the torture. Like the way some victims have posted fake x-rays showing chips were in their body and removed by a doctor.

Memory loss: Intense psychological and physical stress negatively affects the mind and victims of this torture show it in spades.

Self-centeredness: One common coping method of being attacked is to go into survival mode and ignore others. Victims are intent on getting through a torture attack and can lose sight of their responsibilities to others. This is a main symptom damaging victim’s relationships.

Stress induced and related illness: There’s so many negative affects this torture can cause the victim to experience. Stress can cause problems those listed above or it can exacerbate them.

The difference between this torture and other tortures are caused by the means of torture, in this case the torture technologies. While the torture group operates at a distance and cannot commit the type of physical torture which injures and damages the body they make up for it with  sensations torture attacks for the duration of the victim’s torture. Physical torture is also known for having psychological results. Though the torture group’s torture is based in psychology. There they have the most impact on the victim. Being trapped by a torture group using technological means of torture which no one but other victims understands and can verify exist while suffering in neglect is a heavy burden for the torture victim. For the most part victims figure out ways to cope and manage their lives. When they cannot non-victims treat them under the premise that their torture is schizophrenia or other mental illness. Those mental illnesses have long been established as treatable and tolerable for their sufferers. Though this type of treatment does little for the victim it does provide some support which along with loved ones and other benefits of being psychologically disabled by the torture helps the victim survive.





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