Dissecting a Report

I found this excellent report from another torture victim. I’m going to dissect it.

“The Government Gangstalking Terrorists have been committing a crime so bad, that you might have a hard time accepting or grasping just how tyrannical it is. It is called Remote Neural Monitoring. They have the ability to read your every thought, they can see your dreams,  they can see your mental images, they can detect subconscious thoughts and more than likely read them as well, they can see everything you see, they can hear everything you hear, they can hear auditory thoughts such as music, ambient sounds, etc. They can basically monitor everything that passes through your brain. The crimes they have been committing on top of this are that they hurt me, torture me, rape me, and harass me if they don’t like a thought that I think in my head/mind. This is a daily occurrence, and has been for years.”

  1. “Remote neural monitoring” is a term referencing the psychological game of logical deduction the torture group does. The computer plays this game magnificently. It’s just another misunderstood torture technique. The torture group can’t read minds.
  2. Assuming the government is doing the torture could have been this victim’s own assumption or an idea given to them by the torture group other victims. It’s incorrect to assume because it’s based off of no solid proof. This helps identify what the torture group is representing themselves as to the victim.
  3. People don’t understand that the torture is real. The victim must have reached out to ask others for assistance to have learned this. This pushes them some time into their torture. They passed through several stages already.
  4. “Tyrannical” This victim sees an omnipotence to the torture group. The torture group imparts this idea to the victim to build their own image into seeming more important than they really are in the world.
  5. You can see how in depth the victim goes in describing their torture experience. Some things the victim reports aren’t possible through the technologies the torture group uses. This is however and excellent report on what the torture group is doing with the technologies they do have. This victim’s torture is right now focused on logical deduction as a ploy to convince the victim the torture group is able to do things no one can yet do like read their mind. This is common in the torture.
  6. The victim goes into some good descriptions of what the secondary torture technologies are doing; “hear everything you hear”. By reading between the lines it’s obvious the victim is a victim of this torture technology and not a schizophrenic or otherwise mentally ill person.
  7. The victim actually references that they are hearing a thought voice without knowing that they do or that they said so. The only way the torture group knows what the victim is thinking is if they’re pretending the thought voice narration is the victim’s thoughts.

Victims are very often clear in communicating. The topic they are speaking of is not one they can fully explain scientifically, in theory or practically. The torture and the torture group is irrational, secretive (even to victims) and using advanced technology. In victim’s reports you can almost always see how their torture is going and which type of torture they are receiving. The clearer the communication the less intense the torture is at the moment of writing it.


2 thoughts on “Dissecting a Report

  1. Would you put a story out about the perpetrators that are abusing the targeted individuals. What’s there psychiatric diagnosis? Why all the studies on victims? The tormentors are jealous, greedy, nosy, lustful, arrogant, everything evil.


    1. I’ve written “profiling the torture group” and “the psychological profile of a torturer”. I’m no expert though. A real book on any torturer would be better than my amateur opinion.


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