Character Development

The first voice I heard speaking to me spent about five to ten minutes unidentified. That turned out to be typical of the torture group’s work. The torture group doesn’t create strong characters. The torture group attacks with force but with bad workmanship. It’s the force which is the problem. The poor quality of their creations is something to sneer at when counting the torture group’s negative quality and questioning their intelligence to pass the time during a torture attack.

The torture group uses voices more than they do visuals. They can use visuals and do. The voices don’t need names. They have identifying qualities in them. They have expressive tone and content being said to give them personality. You learn to know the voices by the actions they perform. I get the woman with the little girl voice who does baby talk used during sexual torture attacks. Or at least I used to. She’s somewhat fallen out of favor. I remember one character out of the David months (September, 2011-june, 2012) was never given a name, another was called the psychopath while other were given names even if they came and left the stories briefly.

Because the torture group seeks to be 100% engaged with the victim all voices done on the main line use techniques like up-speak, extreme emotional tone and easily distinguished communication as in simple sentences and clearly communicated concepts. You likely won’t find a character with a collegiate vocabulary. Hell, my using the word character is going to far. They’re only voices. Computer contrived voices at that. With cute wittle animated scenes badly edited together to make a “story”. The torture group is lazier than you’d expect. I wonder if the computer system which runs without too much assistance from the torture operator teaches them that they don’t need to work hard?


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