What will my Future be? I wonder.

The torture group does want me terrorized about how I will be affected by what has so far been twenty-eight years of being physically controlled by the fourth torture technology. They are also prepping me for the best case scenario. You know, being able to walk and talk independently just like I did when I was four years old. It’s a staple of my schizophrenia torture to talk about how being tortured negatively affects a human being. My being a physically controlled victim is the icing on the cake. They savor my probable disability.

But like I said before they’re talking up my abilities post-torture. I’m not sure they want me to know or even know themselves what will occur in my case. It’s only been twenty-eight years. That’s a long time in the total existence of the torture group. They may have never done this before or done it this long before. Victim reports show self claimed childhood torture continues into adulthood with being physically controlled still rare for those victims. I don’t have enough information. I’m not an expert. The experts could only theorize as my case is unknown to anyone with the qualifications and integrity to judge it.

I’m mildly tortured on the topic of my post-torture state of health. I’m worried. I’m gnawed at. I know the torture group is trying to be cruel. I know them as liars. I also know what they say as the worst case scenario, my going into a coma like state unableĀ  to control my body, is possible. Possible, not probable. I do know one important thing: I have the best family to care for me and I also have health insurance to help them care to for me. I have confidence in them.


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