My Vulnerability

There’s differing opinions on how to talk about the torture. What to share. How much information is too much. What’s private when it’s also torture. I admit I share a lot. A lot of what I say about my life as a torture victim other victims would never publicly speak of. But I’ve never shared anything about myself. Everything I’ve ever said is about the torture. These things you might think are personal information aren’t.

The torture group has decided what I should do online. They are holding back. This is as much as they deign to protect me. In the long run this is not the best route to take. But I’ve had control seized from me. I get to bypass security and go into preparedness. Which I can do mentally. Without the torture group following along. Because nope, they don’t read minds. Not in the least.

The torture group considers their torture to be educational. They talk and they show animated video of my possible future. They want me aware of some of the things which could befall me. They’re doing it to terrorize me. They should know the aftereffects of this torture by now. They refuse to tell me. All I know is that my torture isn’t over until the torture group is caught.


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