I Don’t have an Attic

The events preceding the schizophrenia torture were confusing. As soon as the torture phase began it remained confusing. One torture attack that vanished without a trace was the following scene:

It was me and Jakob Dylan in the attic using our spiritual powers. Apparently we could astral project. He and I lay on the floor of an attic. We were spread out on the wooden boards with our eyes closed. There were some of the other characters watching over us: his wife and father. As the story in my torture unfolded in front of my eyes whenever something was revealed or I guessed right I could see Jakob and I high five with both hands over our own resting bodies.

This visual was guiding me somehow. That’s what it was. It was assuring me that I was correct. Then it just vanished. Of all the things I saw then this one the torture group keeps talking about. They won’t go into depth about their use of it. But I know what it is. It was false the whole time. It was a cute little visual affirmation they were using. They decided the story didn’t fit in and took it out of rotation. They might have been planning to use the idea of astral projection on me during my time spent believing in psychic powers. They went another route instead and cancelled the attack.


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