Don’t acknowledge It

The premise of my first four months of schizophrenia torture was that I had a psychic connection which allowed me to hear the thoughts of the celebrity and musician Jakob Dylan. What I was instead experiencing was hearing “his” voice, seeing “him” in live action and also hearing and seeing “the people” who were close to him like his family and friends. The torture group introduced this experience. They didn’t run this torture well. They had to ignore glaring truths. They did this by never acknowledging them.

I’m a victim of being physically controlled by the torture group. I’ve been assigned a personality to display to others. In the makeup of that personality some beliefs had long been held. I did not believe in psychic powers prior to the beginning of the schizophrenia torture. I didn’t believe in soul mates. The torture group has raised me to disbelieve these things. I was not myself during the Jakob Dylan months. I was not the me the torture group had made me either. I was a whole new person. It was all so wrong.

The torture group went against twenty-one years of conditioning and training in specific thoughts, opinions and beliefs. Why the torture group broke their training has not been answered. What I do know is that they stopped what they were doing and changed my personality on the outside and inside temporarily. The outside went back to normal with some minor changes. The inside has never been the same though most of the outlandish new beliefs up and vanished with the Jakob Dylan and David stories one year in.



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