Playing Tea

When I stopped going to school there was some odd behavior the torture group was forcing me to perform. The torture group was regressing me. I went down in maturity. I noticed this because they would make sly remarks about it in insults to me.

I was skipping school by pretending to be sick. I would stay home and play all day. I was nine to ten years old. I had these toys around yet the game was for a younger crowd. The game was tea. I was playing tea with my imaginary voices. Only those voices were the torture group and the torture computer.

I would gather everything I knew a fine lady would require for her tea. Saltine crackers spread with butter were my biscuits. Milk went into my tea; yes I drank real tea. It’s not that I played tea at age ten. It’s that I didn’t play alone. I was doing what I’m still doing now, acting out a role the torture group has designed for me and in this case doing it with the torture group is plays they wrote.

I was too old for this they told me. This was baby stuff. They had me play other games like dolls with my barbies and dressing up my dogs. My youngest cousin Mad had was born around the time I was still going through this behavior a year and a half on as I played with her. The torture group lowered my behavior down a few years. It’s noteworthy. It wasn’t right. That’s not how they’re supposed to and more frequently acted with their control of me.


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