Overlooked While Under

I’ve been through so much testing in my life. School testing, psychological testing, medical tests. Everyone noticed my problems as soon as they presented themselves. By problems I mean my torture symptoms. There are many, many old and forgotten records which were made and some which still exist. When my anxiety torture first started my parents thought something awful had happened to me; like I had been raped. Which was more accurate than they could know. Based on my behavior there were a lot of theories about what was causing my behavior. It took just one test to solve the problem for them but not for me.

The test was an E.E.G. It went strangely I thought. It started out fine and I fell asleep. Well no I didn’t. The torture group had control of my body. Neither they nor I know if I really fell asleep. The technician and my father who was also present believe I fell asleep. What I do know is that the torture group held my in a sleep position. During the time that I seemed to be asleep the E.E.G. showed I had seizure activity in the temporal lobe. This is absolutely fascinating.

That seizure activity was the torture’s effect on my brain. Whatever was being done then and I have no memory of what that was either caused a seizure (temporal lobe seizures are mental with behavioral symptoms not physical like the spasms of other types of seizures) or was misread by the technician. This tells me that there is a way to detect some of the torture activity through medical testing. If there is one way there are more. Because the torture is a physically reactive technology which causes specific reactions when directed onto the human body. Those reaction are not undetectable they are misunderstood by non-victims. So victims go get those tests done and see what else doesn’t add up in your case.


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