The Rumor Mill

If you follow torture victims on social media you’ll find they can give out information which is alarming and scary. The torture is scary. It’s nothing anyone wants to go through. It’s something victims desperately want out of. But precisely which crimes are committed by the torture group and which are rumors spread by victims and non-victims alike can be confusing to the uninitiated.

Here’s my take. The torture is a crime committed using three main and sometimes a fourth technology as the core approach to the victims. They attack victims with the technologies. They use only the technologies as their contact to the victim. The crimes that the torture group commits (torture) is done through what means the technologies provide. There is no criminal activity outside of this relatively small and hidden torture.

The torture group operates with complete control. The victim has no way out and no way to access the torture group’s side of things. The victim doesn’t know anything about the torture group that the torture group doesn’t tell them or the victim can’t ascertain from being tortured. This leaves very little facts and legitimate information for the victim to have. Victims don’t know what the torture group does outside of their own personal torture experience. It’s as impossible for a victim to confirm or detect another victim’s torture as it is for non-victims to detect and confirm any torture victim being tortured.

That means that the victims claiming to know information on any other crime taking place which is committed by the torture group has no basis in truth and is a figment of the torture. It is a lie told to the victim by the torture group or other victims and spread as gossip by the rumor mill. What the torture group does do in victim’s torture which can be confirmed by victims individually is sexual torture and reportedly torture on child victims. That does make the torturers pedophiles. But victims can’t prove these claims about things like child-trafficking, And they claim the information is fact knowing they can’t prove it.


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