Spot the Torture Victim

You can detect a torture victim from how they act. The torture victims are displaying reactions to one common cause. Though the torture group is doing different types of torture they are doing a small variety. Repetitious reactions are caused by repetitious action by the torture group. Learn just a little about the torture group’s style of torture and you can tell the difference.

Here’s some pointers I learned  online about how to differentiate the posts of a torture victim from others:

Victims are a niche group not the main group of conspiracy theorists. Though the torture qualifies as a conspiracy theory to most non-victims it’s a real crime being reported.

Victims stick to the topic of their torture for the most part. What other topics they discuss are what they find related to or similar to the torture.  In the torture there exists trends of topical torture attacks which the torture group introduces and encourages be spread among victims. Follow the pattern to detect the torture group behind it all.

Victims may pick up new items from other conspiracy theorists and share about them but they will revert to the theory of the torture and believed related issues in their postings. Also victims tend to change beliefs as the torture itself shifts and changes.

Victims on social media do typically go through a posting craze during some point during intense torture. They will be posting during or in between torture attacks about their torture. You can sometimes locate a torture victim by their multiple posts about the torture.

Victims continue to call for assistance from those in charge and responsible for their safety like the police, politicians and the government. You’ll find victims describing their torture experience to these people. They’ll be using self created or common terms.

Victims always describe the same few experiences no matter how they identify. They will use creative and common vocabulary which can make them seem to be saying something else when they are really saying the exact same thing as other victims.

Victims can be as human as non-victims. They make mistakes but in a specific way. They’re trying to fight the torture. These will be stress induced and torture related mistakes. They stop when the torture eases up and pick up when it gets bad. Victims can say the worst things and not mean any of it. They are too absorbed in their own survival to be considerate.

Victims are expressing specific symptoms of their individual torture. Their individual torture cases are all run by the one organization, the torture group. Their torture symptoms are all variations on the same theme.



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