Goal #1

The torture victim is attacked. The torture victim seeks aid/reports the crime. Aid and the validity of the report are denied. The torture victim is left to suffer. Victims of this torture have never made it past the first step in being the victim of a crime. What they did instead was turn to their side and gave the story of their torture out. If they found those people unresponsive they moved on to the outward perimeters of their circle. Until the day they were telling complete strangers about their torture. Victims have been very brave.

If we cannot get the authorities to acknowledge a crime is occurring we will teach the world about it instead. We hold ourselves responsible for you. I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit back and let the torture group attack another one without adding my voice to the fold. It’s important for the future of the non-victims. They will learn. I’m a teacher. It does run in the family.

It’s hard to gather victims together in one massive group to advocate our cause. But it’s happening. Victims keep pushing outwards and they’re learning to do it together. Being tortured prevents some from taking part. The torture group deters some from participating. It’s not enough to stop the growth. Victims are driven. They can’t give up until their torture is stopped and guaranteed to never occur again. Goal #1 is: Talk about it.


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