A Crack at the Future

There’s ever so many options as to what person, event or mistake will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. One possible problem the torture group faces is an aspect of the ever growing technology twinning with their secret and sophisticated torture technologies. With the growth of the industry of technologies like the torture technologies there will come a time when someone invents the device which blocks the twin technologies from being used and the device which detects the torture technologies in use.

Basically for every forward movement the twin technologies industry makes there will grow a response from people against that technology and desiring to extinguish or contain it. There are frequency jammers, radar detectors etc. for other technologies. The industry creating the machines which broadcast spotlight sound and visuals seems small now but the future is nigh. The better these technologies sell the closer the victims will be to protecting themselves and actually having a way to “shield” themselves from the torture technologies.

Right now nothing is working for victims. They can’t find anything to record for others the torture occurring. Because the torture is transmitted to the individual without others being able to detect it the torture group has gotten away with this heinous crime for decades. Imagine how something so simple, so independently created and unaware of its importance will change the world.


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