Half and Half

The torture group is using the torture computer settings from my pre-schizophrenia anxiety torture phase to torture me. They tortured me then by not acknowledging their presence to me. Though I understood there was something there when that little voice told me “Everyone thinks like this (hears their thoughts)” I could not disprove it. At that time my problems which were actually my torture were blamed on me. I would feel achy and be told it was muscle soreness from my exercising two days prior. But now the torture group acknowledges they are the ones causing excess audio, visuals, sensation and also controlling my body 100% of the time. Well most of the time they do, sometimes things aren’t working right.

The programming of the torture computer isn’t designed for any individual torture case. It was programmed long ago. This is the issue arising in my torture. In order to run some of the attacks like they used to, like they still want to the torture group has to use old programs to do it. I’m getting warning sensations of an impending coughing attack. I’m getting the signal sensation that I have to use the bathroom. My stomach “pangs” when I am hungry. Now they control my body. I’m only writing that because I have no choice. So, none of these replications of body signals and real physical sensations motivate me. I can’t hurry any faster to the bathroom because my urge to pee grows more intense. These attack setting don’t belong anymore now that it’s understood by my thought voice I’m physically controlled by the torture technology. That makes her aware of the falsity of these attacks.

But the thought voice program is to attached to the old programming. When these old attacks of warnings and alerts are run the thought voice program runs under the premise that I am in charge of my body and can respond to these “urges”. I’m constantly jumping in and out of the belief as perpetuated by my thought voice that I am a puppet of the torture group. The entire premise of my schizophrenia torture is that I know the torture group is there and torturing me and how they are doing it! This is very odd for a torture group using psychological and physical conditioning to fashion victims into behaving as the torturers desire. It confuses the subject. It breaks the routine of the training. It’s not proper.



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