Don’t Feed the Beast

Mental health professionals take umbrage with the torture victim community for what they see as promoting the unhealthy beliefs in the delusions. They think that real schizophrenics get confused by the small yet vocal torture victim community and deny their problem is schizophrenia. That’s an over assumption of the power of this community. Schizophrenics often naturally tend to  believe their delusions and hallucinations are real. We also have non-victims who are also information providers to others. We can’t shut the doors to our house. So we get all kinds of visitors.

It’s not true at all that torture victims refuse to consider medication as a solution. In our case we find it ineffective and useless. We don’t all promote unhealthy ideas for self-care. That’s just a small amount of abstract thinkers in our ranks.

The torture victim community is about sharing information. We need to cry out for help as a cathartic release. We’re not afraid of being judged. We’re too desperate for that. For the most part the victim community tries to support each other. We’re about the same as any other unregulated grassroots fractured community. That unhealthiness being noticed is complete neglect, lack of oversight and guidance from non-victims.


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