The torture group does these annoying little attacks where they add in audio to the victim’s hearing when they’re in a crowded room, listening to music, basically anytime there is high amount of real life audio activity going on. They want to startle, alert and/or addle the victim. They are trying to  interrupt. They succeed at causing problems.

The torture group does this attack using most commonly the victim’s name. Shouting out someone’s name really catches their attention. Utterances can also be “whispered”. There is no true whispering or talking quietly with the torture group audio. It’s all louder than every sound going on in the victim’s environment. It’s got to be something which will capture the victim’s ear.

This attack is done for more then one reason. It can be to convince the victim they’re overhearing secrets. To rile up the victim. Or to act in support of other attacks. The torture group thinks these audio attacks are subtle. They are obvious. It’s an attack that can be confusing to experience when the audio is near-human speech and sounds. The torture group certainly studied the fields which the torture touches upon such as the psychology and audio comprehension but by no means have they mastered them in the torture.


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