Take Responsibility

Throughout the first year of schizophrenia the torture group found ways to blame me for things they were doing. One attack which occurred in the David months was bull.

They would show me the action scenes of their characters. Sometimes characters would reach out to touch me. Sometimes I went to touch them. The torture group claimed my physical action was being tracked by the computer and directed through the system to attack the other person. They said I could fight back the people I saw touching and hurting me.

This isn’t true. The torture computer can’t do this. All sensation torture done is pre-designed. Nothing is live. They can push the enter button to run a program to make the sensation technology strike me in the face but they can’t swing their arm and punch me. And I can’t punch them.

They claimed I was hurting people by walking. You know, I was kicking little children in the face each time I stepped forward. They claimed people could do the physical interaction live right back to me. They simulated oral sex with one of their child characters on me. I just punched where I could see that her head was. It didn’t work.

This attack did have me fighting the people I saw, who were invisible to others. Like karate chopping an imaginary person. I threw a shoe and it passed through where the visual of a rapist’s head and stopped when it hit the bedroom wall. Left a nice dent. It was a heavy shoe. The attack engaging my participation in physically fighting back the torture vanished one day. It never worked in the first place.


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