Reaching Back

Torture victims report acts of retaliation from the torture group for their actions made. That’s not supposed to be happening. The torture is not personal for the the torture operators. They’re the laymen following orders for those up above. Personal feeling aren’t supposed to be a factor in the torture. In a way they aren’t and in a way they are. I’ll explain.

What torture victims report is punishment type attacks in retaliation for actions they make to defend themselves from the torture. For instance a victim has figured out that the torture computer doesn’t act as violent when it’s busy digesting a new situation. This victim decides to randomly take a new route home from the store. This lowers the attack intensity until the time when they get home where the computer is comfortable. Because the victim acted in defense and thwarted the torture operator they have decided to attack the victim more intensely when they are at home. This is a common behavior of the torture group. It seems simply petty and juvenile. There’s more.

The torture victims are fighting back in every way they can imagine. That includes insulting the torture operators working on their case. The torture operators are trying to diminish and belittle the victim into victim mentality. When the victim refuses to be cowed and shamed the torture operator responds with more intense violence. The torture operator acts like someone without total control. And they are. The victims who are not physically controlled by the torture group have every opportunity to fight back. They just face repercussions.



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