Scent Memory

It wasn’t until they replayed it again that I remembered. The smell of my father and mother, my old friend’s house, my cousin’s laundry smell. The torture group had been connecting my memories to the smells they can create. They’d been doing it the whole time. They’re still doing it. Only they changed the smells they used in my torture. Why?

In the first year of schizophrenia torture so much happened. So much was compacted into one year that I continue to speak of it over and over. That’s how the torture always is. But in the first year of schizophrenia torture during the David months the torture group reminded me of something I’d forgotten about. My mother and father for many years would smell a certain way. The torture group had for years attacked me with smell sensation torture when my parents were around me in an effort to create a scent memory.

But for some reason it changed. They stopped using those smell torture attacks. They had achieved their goal perhaps. And it did work. I remembered those smells. I remembered those smells because the thought voice explained where they were from, the correct smell sensations were used in tandem and I’m not able to refute this claim they’re making for me. But I remembered those smells.

They had no other memories associated with them. The torture group used examples of past events to try and trigger my memory. How I used to lay my head on my father’s upper arm as he lay on the floor relaxing his back. How my mother always used to wear White Shoulders perfume. They reminded me. The torturers. Not the smells. There’s a reason why.

The torture group runs scent memory attacks too abundantly to create a single memory connecting a smell to one individual event. A single attack during the event of my mother getting ready for work and smelling of her perfume would suffice as a memory afterwards. The torture group did not do the attack once. They did it on and off for years. Thus the scent memory is tainted by the different events which took place during the attacks. That’s why they had to remind me what it was. They know I don’t have a solid unifying memory of it.

The smells do remind me of my parents. Not my parents as they are in the real world. Those are not the smells of my parents. I’ve known those since birth. The smells the torture group does representing my parents reminds me of being tortured. This is sad for the torture group experiments. They don’t know what to do with the torture technologies that’s useful. They try and try all sorts of things.


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