Must Come Down

The good times just don’t last with the torture group. For three months now I’ve been my most busy. Or perhaps productive. It’s the best my daily schedule has been since 2007, four years before my schizophrenia torture began. Now the torture group is trying to find a way to introduce negativity into my torture. You know, to balance things out.

I’ve noticed a transition in my torture. I can track the behavior I’ve committed when I’m doing my little chores. I’ve gotten less interested in doing them. I can hear the problems building. It’s right at the point where previously I would start to flake. I’m not sure that’s a possibility right now. The torture group either got orders from above or a big downturn is about to occur.

You might think going from nothing to the little I’m doing now is not so remarkable. For the way my torture has been going and compared to the past its amazing. The downs have always been so much more far down then the highs get high. I’ll wait and see how this turns out. I have expectations and hopes. We’ll see.


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