Just Ignore Them

On social media you can find the torture victims posting the actual names and other information of the people they believe are torturing them. The torture victim may be doing this for the right reasons but they are in the wrong and mistaken. The thing is though that these mistaken torturers are disregarding much of the accusations made against them.

When the torture victim makes an accusation it does qualify as libel. Yet the accused is frequently allowing it to be said without fighting back. This is a tactic of the non-victim for dealing with the torture victim; they ignore them. Not every situation merits response. But the torture victims make a marked point of publicly accusing the perceived torturers.

It’s simply too much of a hassle for most people to deal with the libelous claims. Some people like friends, family and coworkers do respond. The torture victim does get engaged and called out for their mistake. But one psychological reaction to this torture is a strong determination to believe in your opinions above doubts from others. It’s kind of astonishing that torture victims get away with this behavior. it sheds a bad light on the community but it’s a part of the torture.



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