Fade Out

As day turns into night the colors seep out of the world and I see predominantly in black and white. This happens now every night when I go outside in the dark. See, inside is fine but the outside world looks strange. This isn’t normal even for me. It has come and gone in my torture. Because it’s the torture technology and it’s one of the games the torturers play with me.

I am getting this attack of visual distortion because the torture operator has been ordered to make continuous changes to the torture I receive. It’s not one type of visual torture I experience its a collection of pre-created attacks. Attacks that my torture operators do fall in and out of favor. I see it as a rule of torture the torture operators are forced to follow.

This attack will switch off once I get back to the light. I simply walk indoors into the lighted house and all the colors return to the world. When I next go outside on my regularly scheduled smoking breaks the attack will start up again. Eventually this attack will be shelved. But it won’t necessarily be replaced with another visual attack or an attack at these times. They slowly shuffle around my torture schedule one or a few things at a time.


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