The torture group listens to all the sound around me which is made within range of their audio recording technology. Right now I’m sitting in range of my father as he discusses a matter he keeps private. But I can hear how the torture computer is trying to follow his conversation.

It’s on speakerphone. So I can hear them both. But the caller’s audio is less clear. The torture computer is straining to transcribe the caller’s words. It’s catching two out of seven words. This is not close enough for the computer. The conversation is about fifty feet away in a room with an open door. I measured.

The torture group doesn’t need to know these things which the non-victims around me are saying. They seem to be nosy, bored and curious. They have an easy time torturing me and find ways to amuse themselves. The torture group keeps track of my life and the schedule of others around me which might include me; like family get togethers. But this active listening right now is pure gossips eavesdropping.



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