Car Anxiety

The torture group is still doing anxiety based torture on me. They switch up when they do it. The most recent attack was centered on when I was a passenger in cars. I don’t drive. The torture group doesn’t allow it. I’m always a passenger. This attack is over now. It lasted about six months.

It started after I was riding in the car with my mother and she got into a car accident. The immediate torture computer reaction was a basic anxiety torture attack of hyper vigilance and alertness. This lasted for about the hour it took to complete our driving. It stopped soon after I got home.

After this accident I found the torture group running attacks when I got in the car to go somewhere. It was so bad at first I would burst out “Watch out!” and other warnings. I was being told a car accident was imminent. I was up front about the torture causing the problem to my sister. With everyone else I just gritted my teeth and endured it.

It’s interesting that the torture group still does the old pre-schizophrenia torture attacks. They do mainly schizophrenia torture now. To be in two different torture premises at once is not unusual. The torture group is typically this messy. I’ve said before how they brought back anxiety torture during my schizophrenia torture phase and connected it to the schizophrenia. This one was unconnected. It was an old-fashioned.


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